October 5, 2022

XDC Based SuperBullsNFT Rages with Bids of 444,444 XDC

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  • SuperBullsNFT reveals the winning quote for their first NFT.
  • The very first NFT, the Golden Bull sold for 444,444 XDC.
  • The winner likewise got a Tag Heuer watch signed by Max Verstappen in addition to a digital frame of the Golden Bull NFT.

The XinFin XDC network has actually very well established itself as a single blockchain platform enabling different blockchain services as a one-stop-shop. Accordingly, it even more expands itself into the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sector by establishing a new job launched recently upon its network.

The recently introduced SuperBullsNFT works on the XDC blockchain network, with all costs of their NFTs to be in XDC. In spite of bringing these NFTs up, the SuperBullsNFT went into selling their first-ever NFT, the ‘Golden Bull’ through bidding.

Winning the Golden Bull

The SuperBullsNFT formally required to Twitter in the early hours of Christmas day, announcing the winning of the ‘Golden Bull’. According to the tweet, the ‘Golden Bull’, SuperBullsNFT’s very first NFT has actually been cost a quote of a massive 444,444 XDC. In other terms, the rate of the Golden Bull opted for around $36K!

As the quote was a substantial success, the SuperBullsNFT also awarded the winner with a Tag Heuer watch officially signed by the Belgian-Dutch F1 motorsports superstar Max Verstappen. In addition, the winner likewise gets a digital photo frame of the Golden Bull too.

Are you ready … the winning bid was for 444,444 $XDC|The lucky winner has won the extremely first SuperBullsNFT #NFT and also wins the signed Max Verstappen Tag Heuer Watch and digital picture frame of the Golden Bull. Thank you to everyone that entered! 🐂

— — SuperBullsNFT( @SuperBullsNFT )December 25, 2021

Concerning the SuperBullsNFT

The SuperBullsNFT in fact includes digitally rendered animation animated images of bull-faced humanoid figures. Also, SuperBullsNFT mentions that there will be only 1000 special NFTs ever to be offered on the XinFin XDC blockchain network.

Nevertheless, SuperBullsNFT terms that this will be their first collection alone and even more will be releasing their ‘Single Editions’ unique NFTs upon various cross-chains, apart from the XDC.

Additionally, the SuperBullsNFT terms that they find the XDC network the very best matched for their needs. They term that the XDC network provides a completely scalable Delegated Proof-of-Stake (XDPoS).

Apart from an extremely scalable blockchain, SuperBullsNFT terms that the XDC network is even more faster and safe and secure than any other network. Another important aspect on which the SuperBullsNFT appreciates the XDC network is in regards to its very low transaction charges of a simple $0.00001 per transaction.