December 6, 2022

World’s First “Bitcoin Car” to Race at the 105th Running of the Indianapolis 500

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The world’s first “Bitcoin car” is all set to enter the race tracks during the 105th Indianapolis 500 race. The car will be driven by Ed Carpenter of Ed Carpenter Racing (ECR), who has forfeited all sponsors this season to use the popular orange Bitcoin logo on his car in a bid to break away from the traditional sponsorship model. The No. 21 Bitcoin Chevrolet would enter the track race on May 30 in partnership with the Lightning network payment platform strike.

The Bitcoin car would run to raise awareness about Bitcoin and Bitcoin open source development. All the money raised from the race would be contributed towards Bitcoin core devs. Following the completion of Indianapolis, Strike would bring the no. 21 Chevrolet to the Bitcoin 2021 event scheduled for June 3-5.

The official blog announcing the Bitcoin car read,

On May 30th, Ed’s team will take the track to race car #21, the Bitcoin car. In a world of potato chip and energy drinks sponsors, Ed chose to race for human freedom, financial literacy, financial inclusivity, savings technology, and Bitcoin open-source development.

ECR to Offer Bitcoin Payment Option For Employees

The ECR team would also become the first IndyCar Series team to integrate a Bitcoin payment option for all its employees. The official blog post mentioned that the decision to advertise Bitcoin was purely based on increasing awareness as the partnership involves no monetary benefit for either of the party involved and more importantly, all donations would be contributed towards supporting core devs.

This isn’t a payday for Ed. This isn’t a payday for Strike. Nobody is making money on this project. it’s not about a payday. This is about supporting Bitcoin awareness and supporting open-source Bitcoin development. This is about forgetting our differences for the next two and a half weeks, locking arms, and making history as a community.

Bitcoin awareness and adoption have continued to surge across the world as earlier today Moneygram announced a partnership with Coinme to offer Bitcoin buying and selling against cash across thousands of retail outlets in the US.

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