December 6, 2022

Will Tarantino Be Able To Sell The Pulp Fiction NFTs? Or Will Miramax Prevail?

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In two days, the auction of the first Pulp Fiction NFT will take place. A historic moment for the nascent industry, one that will set precedent for many years to come. When Quentin Tarantino and the Secret Network revealed a partnership aimed at launching NFTs from the traditional ’90s movie, the world listened. Regrettably for them, so did Miramax. The studio still holds the right to Pulp Fiction, so they sent out a cease and desist letter.

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The caveat here is that “the special worth proposal from The Secret Network depends on the name; the NFTs will be “secret” and only accessible by the NFTs owner.” When NewsBTC covered this story, we explained:

” That reality makes the suit constantly fascinating. Just the individual that purchases the NFT can see what’s inside, so Miramax has no clue about the sort of content they’re demanding. They just know they own the rights to the image and the discarded product, however, besides the reports and the marketing material, they’re as in the dark as the rest of us about the real content.”

What has happened ever since? A LOT. Let’s check out the brand-new advancements in the case.

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Unreleased Scenes And Material

In the start, the implication was that the NFTs would contain unreleased product from Pulp Fiction. Miramax went into the photo and whatever changed. Again, from NewsBTC’s previous report:

” On the day of the announcement, The Secret Network launched a declaration that estimates the director himself.

” I’m delighted to be providing these unique scenes from PULP FICTION to fans.” Tarantino says. “Secret Network and Secret NFTs supply a whole brand-new world of connecting fans and artists and I’m enjoyed belong of that.”

Tarantino’s words recommend simpler times. We’re nowhere near that phase any longer.”

The Content Of The Pulp Fiction NFTs Changed

After the cease and desist letter, it took place that Tarantino only kept the rights to Pulp Fiction’s script. Recently, IndieWire quoted a declaration that Proskauer Rose, one of Miramax’s attorneys, sent them:

” There’s been no attempt to dismiss any of Miramax’s claims by Tarantino’s group, nor have they submitted any counter claims or movements against Miramax, and because Miramax filed its lawsuit, the promotional site and Twitter represent the proposed sale have scaled back the unauthorized usage of images from Miramax films (including Pulp Fiction)”

And he’s right about that. A casual visit to the @TarantinoNFTs Twitter account will expose that the people involved in the sale fazed out all images related to Pulp Fiction and changed them with simply text or high contrast pictures of Quentin Tarantino himself. The content of the NFTs also changed, now The Secret Network explains them as:

” Tarantino owns the exclusive rights to release his Pulp Fiction movie script and the original, handwritten copy has remained a personal innovative treasure he has actually kept personal for years. In cooperation with SCRT Labs, Tarantino has turned chapters from this historical file into an unique NFT publication. Each NFT in the collection consists of a single renowned scene, as well as individualized audio commentary by Tarantino himself.”

Are they legal now? That’s the question.

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The Secret Network Proceeds

The auctions will go from January 17th to the 31st. It will happen on the Secret Network and not on OpenSea, as initially revealed. Did OpenSea run away from the debate and possible lawsuits? We wouldn’t understand. The Secret Network, on the other hand, is milking the circumstance to the extreme. Money can’t buy this kind of publicity.

Their news release prices estimate Guy Zyskind, founder and CEO of SCRT Labs:

” Secret Network is happy to stand with Quentin. We are devoted to working with skilled artists across the globe, by supplying them a better method to release their works directly to fans without relying on older circulation designs, which prefer corporations over developers.”

3 days to go. Historical truth # 1:

Quentin Tarantino writes his movie scripts by hand ✍ For Pulp Fiction, he kept the initial movie script a secret for * 28 years. * This priceless piece of history will be exposed for the very first time in next week’s auction – – however only to the purchaser 🤫– Tarantino NFTs( @TarantinoNFTs)

— January 14, 2022 Miramax Attacks For their part, Miramax’s

attorneys sent out Zyskind a letter that declares:” Contrary to what you assert you are being told by

Mr. Tarantino and his team, You do not have the required rights to mint the Pulp Fiction NFTs

  • explained in your press releases and other marketing products; You do not have the necessary rights to market or promote those NFTs;

  • and Despite your now having actually assumed the role of auctioneer, you do not have the essential

  • rights to promote and offer those NFTs.” Not just that, they included a direct danger to possible NFT purchasers:

” We would hope that you also inform prospective purchasers of the threats of purchasing these unauthorized NFTs, including that buyers may have to return the NFTs to Miramax and surrender the cost they spent for such NFTs, and that buyers may incur additional liability in case they later on offer the unapproved NFTs” Guy Zyskind reaction? He required to Twitter and replied:” Your effort to bully and frighten us, and our

neighborhood, will not work. This legal sale of TarantinoNFTs will continue as planned, regardless of your efforts to sabotage it.” Hey @Miramax. Got your letter. Your attempt to bully and daunt us, and our neighborhood, will not work. This legal sale @TarantinoNFTs will continue as planned, in spite of your efforts to mess up it.https:// 1Qjkgfy8U1– Guy Zy kind (@GuyZys) January 10, 2022 The TarantinoNFTs account contributed to the conversation by saying,” We will not be stopped. We will not let bullies

— frighten our community.” Associated Reading |

. January Proves Turbulent For Investors But NFT And GameFi Seems To Be Eating Good Is that enough? Or are they making a huge error? Is Miramax in the right? Or do they know that they don’t have a leg to base on and therefore turned to intimidation? Turn on to NewsBTC next month for the next chapter of the Pulp Fiction NFTs ‘interesting legend. Included

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