December 6, 2022

What’s Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Saying While Promoting The Bitcoin Mining Chip?

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What is Intel’s Pat Gelsinger doing? Who is he speaking with while promoting Intel’s new bitcoin mining chips? In a recent Bloomberg interview, Gelsinger uses every ESG buzzword in the book to promote their “energy-efficient ASIC chip.” Is this the right strategy? Who will be Intel’s clients? And why is this man lying about bitcoin’s energy consumption when the genuine numbers would do just great?

The host, Emily Chang, starts by asking him about 2019, when the Intel CEO stated that Bitcoin was severely designed, “severe, and climate intolerant.” Does Gelsinger still hold that viewpoint? Obviously, he does. And that’s just the beginning.

Intel CEO spits up ESG FUD talking points while shilling for his new #Bitcoin mining chip. Feb 14 2022

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< img src ="" alt="" class =" wp-smiley" design =" height: 1em; max-height: 1em;"/ > (@BITCOINALLCAPS) February 17, 2022 The Intel CEO Is Here To Fix Bitcoin Gelsinger begins by stating that when he misdiagnosed bitcoin that one time, “the majority of the uses where illicit.” In 2019? Nothing might be even more from the fact, Sir. Bitcoin’s very first usage case, the unbanked, were finding the option to their problem gradually. And the seeds for everything that has taken place in the last few years were currently planted.

Was bitcoin likewise utilized for illicit functions? Naturally. Bitcoin is money for your enemies. Everybody can use it.

Another thing the Intel CEO thought about bitcoin is that “it could not be regulated, so it couldn’t become a currency for nations and for people to utilize broadly.” Well, considering it’s currently currency in one country, El Salvador, we could say that Gelsinger’s forecasts are practically off the mark.

The concept of an American ASIC mining chip, though, that’s a great one. And if it takes in less energy, so be it. Even though individuals will probably simply press the pedal to the metal and mine more. In any case, the Intel CEO informs us that one of the business’s mantras is that they’re “forming innovation as a force for great.” It sounds like Google’s “Don’t be evil,” and all of us know how that ended up.

In any case, Gelsinger thinks the easily debunkable attack points he exposed make bitcoin a controversial character. However, “that doesn’t mean it’s not a good technology, but we’re not using it great yet.” So, Intel is here to repair it.

BTC rate chart for 02/19/2022 on Fx|Source: BTC/USD on What’s Gelsinger Promising, Exactly?

Something’s for sure, Intel is very positive about their item. The CEO said:

” Intel is about to bring forward a blockchain chip that’s considerably better. That is orders of magnitude better in terms of power performance. So, we’re assisting solve the climate concern.”

Are they, though? In any case, a “dramatically better” chip is always welcome. When the company announced their very first clients, we estimated their news release:

” Today, we at Intel are stating our intent to contribute to the development of blockchain innovations, with a roadmap of energy-efficient accelerators. Intel will engage and promote an open and protected blockchain environment and will help advance this technology in an accountable and sustainable way.”

And we, jokingly and earnestly, applauded their efforts:

” That’s right, they’re tackling the problem “in an accountable and sustainable method.” And they’re calling the mining chips “accelerators” for some reason.”

However, the Intel CEO raises doubts. “We wish to work with the industry to discover ways that innovations like blockchain can be appropriately managed, handled, as well. So they truly can be fully realized,” he said. Forgetting that Intel simply showed up to the area and was here to make chips.

” This is among those areas that, yeah, we’re going to deal with fixing this one. Due to the fact that this is an effective innovation. An immutable leveraged digitized entry system can transform currency, transactions, supply chain, so, yeah, this one is interesting.”

This male does not have the faintest hint about bitcoin’s genuine power. And, what’s an “immutable leveraged digitized entry system” anyway? There’s a popular stating in the bitcoin community: “You don’t change bitcoin. Bitcoin changes you.” It looks like Intel is going to find that to be true the hard way.

Included Image: Gelsinger on Bloomberg, screenshot from this video|Charts by TradingView