August 17, 2022

Whatever We Know About The “Bitcoin 2021” Conference In Miami

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During the first few days of June, 4th and 5th to be specific, Miami will witness history. The “Bitcoin 2021” conference does not just comes back with a revenge after the 2020 cancelation, it’s one of the very first huge post-COVID occasions that the world will see. All eyes are on them. Plus, it is available in the middle of a disturbed bull-run that has Bitcoin in everybody’s mouth for one reason or another.

In a recent episode of the What Bitcoin Did podcast, the CEO of BTC Media and organizer of the conference, David Bailey, informed PeterMcCormack, “The founding dads, when they were organizing the revolution and the yellow fever was around, they didn’t state: “ok, pack it up, boys. There’s yellow fever, we might get sick.” Strong words, however he didn’t stop there:

“A lot less individuals are going to pass away when Bitcoin takes control of the financial system than in the current world that we’re having to reside in. So, f *** the pandemic. Pandemics do not stop transformations.”

Even if you believe otherwise, you have to admire the boldness.

What Will People Find At The “Bitcoin 2021” Conference?

If you do not have your tickets currently, if you aren’t on the way to Miami, possibilities are you’ll not attend this year. That’s alright. Let’s find out about what we’ll be missing. To explain it, David Bailey used poetry. “I’m intending to occupy the mindspace of people who are concerning find out what Bitcoin is everything about, and they can’t forget what they saw at this conference.

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Apparently, there’ll be sumo wrestlers and UFC world champs walking around, holding their belts. Tony Hawk will speak and do his thing on a halfpipe, plus they’re offering an exclusive Bitcoin-themed skateboard just to individuals that go to Hawk’s fulfill and greet. There’ll be a basketball competition, a Bitcoin art gallery, and an eSports arena with Lighting based arcade video games and more than 1 BTC in prizes. In reality, “Everything is Lighting allowed at the conference,” said Bailey.

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, wild stuff in "Bitcoin 2021"

There's the possibility of a helicopter throwing cash, a real-life airdrop. And there'll be a selfie both described as the "cash is garbage selfie dumpster," that'll be an actual dumpster stuffed full of Venezuelan Fiat currency. You'll be able to take house all of the expenses you want.

Plus, there's the possibility of Floyd Mayweather asking that his wage for the Logan Paul battle to be paid totally in Bitcoin. That is not completely verified, though. And Bailey cautions:

"We have some surprises in this conference that I can't speak about on any podcast in advance. The Department of Justice will try to stop it. We have some special guests that are going to be getting involved or joining us that I believe will melt people takes on."

As for the useful statistics, "Bitcoin 2021" will host more than 10.000 guests, more than 150 speakers, and a minimum of 1000 companies.

Debate and Bitcoin Maximalism

The greatest controversy this year involved Chamath Palihapitiya. The noted billionaire and Social Capital's CEO was originally revealed as a speaker. He was greatly slammed by the Bitcoin community due to the fact that of his recent tweets on tax and his participation in the infamous BitClout platform. After that, the "Bitcoin 2021" conference revealed that he's not speaking any longer. There's more to the story, however.

In the pointed out podcast, Bailey clarifies, "Our goal is not Bitcoin purity. Our objective is Hiperbitcoinization." According to him, Ark Invest's Catherine D. Wood, Anthony Scaramucci, and Chamath Palihapitiya verified their participation back when the conference was going to happen in Los Angeles. When the organizers needed to change it to Miami, they all wished to do their particular talks essentially.

The company decreased, told them that if they didn't can be found in person, they could not participate this year. Apparently, Scaramucci agreed to come, Palihapitiya didn't, and Wood is still uncertain. And that's the story. It wasn't due to push from the maximalists, the self-proclaimed "plebs."

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"We're Bitcoin only, we're not Bitcoin Maximalists", stated Bailey

The organizer announced that "Bitcoin 2021" turned away more than $10M in sponsorships since the companies providing them didn't have a Bitcoin product. And they declined the CEO of one of the greatest investment banks in the world as a speaker because he didn't have anything to state related to Bitcoin. In fact, if anybody was "actively running a Top100 project that's trying to compete with Bitcoin" she or he wasn't invited.

The only exception would've been the notorious Roger Ver. In the Swan Signal live show, Bailey said that they attempted to get him as a speaker on the condition that he couldn't talk about Bitcoin Cash, or perhaps slam Bitcoin Core. In the end, Ver declined but left the door open for next year.

As for the guidelines to get approved for participation, Bailey made it clear in the What Bitcoin Did podcast, "If you connect with the Bitcoin mainnet, if you connect with the Bitcoin protocol, we don't care what you're doing, we don't care how you're using it: You're a Bitcoin company."

Validated panels and talks

This isn't even on the website, however the "Bitcoin 2021" conference has actually revealed the specifics of a number of talks through their Twitter. Among them:

  • "Supporting Innovation From Inside The System" with Chris Giancarlo and Brian Brooks.
  • "The Milk of Paradise: Bitcoin And The Western Canon" with Allen Farrington
  • "Bitcoin Makes The Laws" with Teana Taylor, Jeff Horowitz, Hailey Lennon, and Marco Santori. The moderator will be Peter Van Valkenburgh.
  • "What To Do When Your Country Bans Bitcoin" with Alejandro Machado, Boaz Sobrado, Francis Pouliot, and Matt Odell. The moderator will be Hector Rosenkrans.
  • A fireside chat with Michael Saylor and Max Keiser. About this, Saylor tweeted: "My objective will be to convince Max Keiser to double-down on his commitment to Bitcoin. Any ideas?"
  • "The History of Money" with Nick Szabo
  • "Giving Back To Bitcoin" with Mike Schmidt, Hong Fang, and Ben Price. The moderator will be Matt Odell.
  • "Moral Case For Bitcoin" with Guy Hirsch, Jimmy Song, and Robert Breedlove. The moderator will be Guy Swann.

This is what we know so far. We're sure there will be many, many more talks, chats, events, efficiencies, and all-around madness. Evidence of that is this growing list of satellite events that will surround "Bitcoin 2021," the conference.

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