September 30, 2022

What is 100xCoin?

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Getting to over 1 Billion USD in market cap is a fairly uncomplicated procedure. We are following in the courses of our ancestors comparable to how Facebook surpassed MySpace. While our peers are stopping at the moon, 100x is intending directly at the sun.

100x is a deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain. The coin includes 7% transaction charges split between burn functions, automatic liquidity swimming pool generation, and an advancement wallet.

100xCoin – The FIRST meme coin owned and run by a doxxed crypto influencer! (Ken the Crypto).

100x is a 100% transparent deflationary coin that is fresh off the launchpad. Other coins provide a circulation % so the big bag holders get rich while the little fish get the scraps. We provide a coin burn on each buy and sell so your % of the circulating supply continues to grow as you keep your financial investment while we take you to the moon!

100xCoin has 3 essential functions: Automatic Liquidity Provision (2%), Auto burns on each deal (2%) and manual burns (1.5%) daily depending upon the trade volume. These features increase the scarcity of every 100x COIN in circulation while also solidifying 100x’s future.

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100xCoin History

100xCoin was originally established and launched as Elo by Ken the Crypto in March of 2021. Ken has actually been teaching his followers how to buy and sell crypto because the very first bull run in 2017. After he made his six-figures in one year trading cryptocurrencies, he began several organizations including a successful digital marketing firm.

But most importantly, he is the first crypto influencer to develop and release a coin on the Binance Smart Chain. While other founders were frightened to show their face, Ken showed how a doxxed owner can lead a neighborhood in DeFi.

Because of the unequaled openness in the advancement of the cryptocurrency, the Elo neighborhood outgrew the tokenomics of the initial coin and migrated to $100xCoin with better tokenomics for sustainable development.

100xCoin originally established and released as $Elo by Ken the Crypto in March of 2021. Ken, much better called Ken the Crypto, has been teaching his fans how to buy and sell crypto because the very first bull run in 2017.

Ken is the very first crypto influencer to establish and release a coin on the Binance Smart Chain.

Because of the unparalleled transparency in the development of the cryptocurrency, the $Elo neighborhood grew out of the tokenomics of the original coin and moved to $100xCoin with better tokenomics for sustainable development.

What is 100x for you ask?

100x will be a launchpad for new start-ups. A chance for brand-new designers to get some support to get their task off the ground. 100x is not only for its investors but for the community! We pride ourselves on 100% openness. We didn’t want to simply get 1 external audit done. We got 3 to really show our financiers that we are here for the long haul.

How to buy 100xCoin?

You can buy 100x from PancakeSwap exchange.

Link to PancakeSwap here.

7% cost on transaction.
3.5% burned.
2% liquidity.
1.5% dev & marketing.

Token name – 100X
Contract – 0x4cC20A024324B6c487f50Ba448999Ae29f8F6022
Audited by Hacken –

Twitter: (

Watch the video guide below to learn more!