October 3, 2022

We Found 4 NFT Collections That Perfectly Fit Buying and Holding for the Long Term

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The NFT market has actually given birth to various prominent collections. Investing in those collections might prove a bit useless, as not everyone wishes to buy and flip non-fungible tokens. Therefore, it is vital to discover up-and-coming collections far from their optimal potential and facilitate long-lasting holding.

Looking Beyond CryptoPunks And ArtBlocks

When people consider NFT collections, CryptoPunks and ArtBlocks are two collections that enter your mind rather rapidly. Both collections indeed have achieved tremendous trading volume and high price floorings. For CryptoPunks, almost 550,000 ETH in volume – – valued at roughly $1.9 billion – – shows there is space for day trading.

Buying a CryptoPunk and selling it the same day for an earnings is possible in the tiniest. Nevertheless, the collection needs a strong in advance financial investment, as the price floor is well above the 100 ETH mark. The very same chooses ArtBlocks” significant trading volume, although more typical rate floorings, depending on which of its 3 collections one aims to explore.

The following four projects may be of greater interest for users who are brand-new to NFT or seek to invest in a long-lasting project. They are not near the leading cost, nor as they were developed for day trading purposes.

Ether Cards

The Ether Cards collection spans 10,000 special NFTs, which are dynamic in nature. Dynamic NFTs help engage existing community members however also allow for continuous development. Furthermore, it is a method for artists, celebs, and professional athletes to gamify sales and drops or incorporate non-fungible tokens into a business. The group has collaborated with the similarity Steve Aoki and Mike Tyson to bring limited-edition sets to market.

Presently, there is a continuous $Dust token airdrop for all Ether Cards NFT holders. The $Dust can be used across the broader ecosystem or exchanged for high-value NFTs, including CryptoPunks and Meebits. Ether Cards has a cost floor of 0.425 ETH and 2,700 Ether in trading volume. Other benefits to open include free services, discounts, VIP Access Passes, NFT drops, and unique Traits. More advantages – – including real-world occasions and items, will be presented shortly.


The idea of BitColors is rather appealing, as NFT holders will own a new color. Ownership of colors belongs to owning all the crypto, silver, and gold globally, as there are unrestricted possibilities. There are simply 1,000 colors to acquire, which can be traded and sold easily. Unlike a lot of other NFT projects, BitColors isn’t about auto-generated avatars. Instead, the worth of these NFTs comes from the heart and soul of the owner. Ownership of colors is extraordinary in this industry and makes BitColors stand out.

The Bitcolors team wants to ensure mainstream adoption of tokenized colors on the blockchain through a devoted marketing push. A book of colors and a short art movie become part of the roadmap to bring more attention to the project. It is certainly a project that aims to assist in long-lasting holding, as new colors open up a completely brand-new world of possibilities.

Speaking of possibilities, the BitColors roadmap presents community activities, partnerships with digital artists leveraging BitColors to create new NFT art pieces, and integrating BitColors NFTs into uncommon schemes and art work.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate NFT collection consists of 8,888 unique NFTs. Every vampire is arbitrarily generated and has native qualities and expressions. They make for excellent”profile pic collectibles”, although there are other advantages to check out. Every Vampire supplies access to The Syndicate, where no mortal ever left alive. Additionally, the roadmap introduces some long-lasting goals, consisting of creating bat buddies, the Vampire Lair metaverse, and a second-generation job. Additionally, there will be reproducing options, Vamp meetups, neighborhood contests, a treasure hunt, and DeFi utility for these NFTs in the future.

Per OpenSea, the collection presently covers 4.900 owners, which is more than respectable. At the present rate floor of 1.696 ETH and with

17.000 ETH in trading volume, it is still early to get on this collection. The appeal of accessing to an unique video game incentivizes long-term holding. Additionally, the buddies and second-gen job advancement can both effect the price of these Vampires.


Similar to Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, the MekaVerse collection consists of 8,888 distinct NFTs. However, these are not traditional art designs, as the team drew inspiration from the different Japanese mecha content today. Every artwork has distinct colors and qualities. For now, their primary function is collectibility, however the group intends to introduce physical developments – – potentially through 3D printing – – and collaborate with other artists worldwide.

The Meka Multiverse is a long-term objective, as it will include a 2nd distinct drop for all gen 0 MekaVerse holders. In addition, the group will present Meka Dimensions and their relationships and actively check out partnership with famous mecha licenses. Mekas will stay part of the Meka universe for a long time to come and will give access to future occasions and other concepts the group intends to check out. MekaVerse covers 5.400 owners, 25,300 ETH in traded volume, and has a floor rate of 6.55 ETH.

Closing Thoughts

Buying NFTs from a long-lasting perspective requires tasks with a roadmap and vision that will bring more utility to owning a non-fungible token. While “profile pic projects” are excellent for turning and day trading, there is much capacity to unlock with NFTs. Finding those tasks can benefit users who want to obtain these properties and keep them in their portfolios for a long period of time.