December 6, 2022

Uppsala Security releases 2.0 version of its on-premise crypto threat management system

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Uppsala Security, a service provider of sophisticated tools and services for crypto AML, KYC, transaction tracking, and regulative compliance analytics, revealed the release of TOMS 2.0, the brand-new version of its Threat Reputation Database On-premise Management System, which was released at the end of March 2021.

The product was initially created to resolve the increased need for on-premise options developed to meet the current and strictest regulative requirements in the digital possessions area and through its brand-new included features it supplies even more efficient and smooth results.

Secret functions of TOMS 2.0 include updated Threat Intelligence Data, flexibility when it pertains to its combination– it can work with any organization, its applications, and services via a RESTful API and obviously, as its name recommends, the on-premise characteristic, as it allows vibrant online access to the latest cumulative Security Intelligence information hosted in the Threat Reputation Database (TRDB) with no active internet connection on an organization’s internal computer network.

Regulations in the blockchain/decentralized ecosystem are slowly getting more stringent and more particular on an around the world scale. Prominent federal government agencies, financial institutions, and monetary software applications that need to be certified with the strictest regulatory frameworks are frequently required to embrace on-premise services in order to increase information privacy and security. By using an item such as TOMS, worldwide clients of Uppsala Security can not only delight in access to the latest crowdsourced Threat Intelligence however can do so in a safe and on-premise, compliant environment.

The 2.0 variation of TOMS includes several improvements across different aspects, as follows:

1. Show of the download development bar;

2. The current TRDB version readily available will be visible on the TMS screen(as the Datetime stamp);

3. There will only be a single frontend: TMS(the frontend of RTS has actually been merged with that of TMS so that the users no longer have to visit two times);

4. Auto sync settings are altered to

a hh: mm format; 5. The auto-sync settings or manual trigger will look for any missing files and download, deploy to RTS and upgrade the dB immediately (the missing files are inspected in between the last downloaded file and the latest TRDB version offered);

6.Regional TRDB Housekeeping

  • Complete IOC and Update IOC File will be kept for 14 days;
  • The IOC File downloaded timestamp older than 14 days will be auto-deleted.

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