December 6, 2022

Umbria releases tool making it possible for automatic MetaMask configuration to EVM suitable chains

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Umbria Network, a cross-chain procedure with staking swimming pool and decentralized exchange (DEX) has revealed the launch of a new tool called ‘‘ Connect Portal

.’The tool enables anybody to immediately link a MetaMask wallet to any Ethereum-style/EVM suitable chain – – including Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Avalanche, and so on – practically instantly. This gets rid of the requirement to by hand set up RPC connections, which is a cumbersome and technically tough procedure.

Anybody needing to include a chain/s quickly and easily to their MetaMask can just go to: connect and choose the network they wish to connect with from the dropdown list. In addition, users can search by network name, native currency, or RPC.

Connect Metamask to other EVM networks. As soon as the choice has been made, the MetaMask modal automatically appears, and the user simply clicks ‘‘ approve’ to finish the procedure. The Connect Portal likewise provides helpful info concerning the connected chain such as chainID and a link to the network’s native blockchain explorer.

Likewise, anyone can instantly link their MetaMask wallet to a network just by typing a URL into their browser, for instance:


Then, the web page detects which chain the user wishes to link to and does all the work.

“This is another example of how Umbria is making it much easier for anybody to use DeFi, NFTs and related technologies. The procedure is doing all the heavy lifting and eliminating the complicated technical procedures, which are often a barrier to numerous people entering the space. The Connect Portal implies no one will ever need to establish a new chain by hand in their MetaMask wallet again. It’s also a fantastic way to prevent being scammed.”
– – Oscar Chambers, Co-Lead Developer at Umbria

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