November 26, 2022

Twitter Integrated NFTs As Profile Pictures But There’s A Catch

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Twitter integrates NFT but there may be a catch

Moments ago, social media giant Twitter, revealed that it was

presenting NFT profile images for IOS users. The statement remains in line with an earlier one in September 2021, mentioning that the platform will soon begin permitting users to verify NFTs. And much to the excitement of NFT owners on the platform, the moment is finally here.

Nevertheless, there might be more to the announcement than satisfies the eye.

Twitter Continues To Drive Mass Crypto Adoption

With over 186 million users to its name, there’s no informing the sort of massive direct exposure a platform like Twitter gives cryptocurrency. In truth, towards the tail end of 2021, the social networks company likewise allowed Bitcoin tipping all indicating the platform’s concentrate on driving crypto adoption. However is that all about it?

Thursday’s announcement will surely go a long way in guaranteeing the worldwide adoption and use of these possessions, but there seems to be more to this.

The Catch

For some reason, the NFT integration statement that was made simply minutes earlier is apparently a marketing relocation by the platform.

First of all, the service is just readily available for Twitter Blue subscribers. Intriguing one might say, as this could be a way to attract NFT fans and enthusiasts to buy the Twitter Blue memberships monthly, all in the name of NFT and crypto. However that’s not all.

Another crucial thing to note is that the service is only readily available in some picked nations.

Twitter Blue main declaration checks out in part:

“We’ve launched Twitter Blue in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.”

On the other hand, the tech giant also claims that the blue version is simply the beginning of many actions as it looks to give its users a next-level experience.

As promised by the platform, the blue version will be offering users special access to premium functions, just as is seen with this NFT profile image integration.

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