December 6, 2022

Top 7 Crypto Marketing Firms of 2021!

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Following the release of a list of the best crypto marketing firms in 2020, we have decided to update the list for 2021. When choosing a crypto marketing firm, it is important to consider the experience of the firm. Another important consideration should be the services offered by the company. Here is a list of some great crypto marketing firms you should consider using in 2021.


TokenMinds is a well-known crypto marketing firm. It works with numerous firms within the crypto sector. The firm focuses on the areas of PR marketing, blockchain marketing, and community marketing. Additionally, TokenMinds offers blockchain development services, token sale management, WP creation, token development, project marketing, Initial Exchange Offering, and token listing. Thus far, they have helped to launch 38 Initial Exchange Offerings during which they raised $75 million from 220,000 investors. In fact, the company was voted as the leading IEO marketing firm in 2019

TokenMinds has achieved a lot in the crypto sector and it has won several awards. It was founded in 2016, which means it is one of the oldest crypto marketing firms in the world. During that time, the company has worked with several firms to market their projects. They include Remme, Essentia, and Celsius.  

Working with TokenMinds was a good choice for us. The staff is professional and experienced. All aspects of our project, including the promotion of the project, were handled professionally. They managed every detail of the marketing effort to ensure that we could achieve our goal. 

Working with TokenMinds is a great decision. They offer clients measurable goals. The company has worked on several large projects with great success. Besides marketing a project, the TokenMinds team also has experience with wallet development and asset tokenization.


Limechain is a blockchain consulting and development agency. At the core of the company is the belief that the results speak for themselves and that blockchain will be a revolutionary technology. The company is driven by these two beliefs. They aim to help pioneer the growth of the blockchain, which a groundbreaking technology. Their belief in the power of results and their belief in the blockchain is what power their operations. Users can expect every aspect of their project to be handled professionally.

LimeChain is a member of various industry organizations such as Hyperledger, R3, Linux Foundation, and Ethereum Alliance. It gives them a global presence, which allows them to keep with the latest developments in the blockchain world.

Choosing to work with Nick, George, Vladi, and Chris is truly one of the best decisions that we have made! They have done a great job developing the blockchain part of our solution for the manufacturing industry. We would definitely recommend this awesome team to other projects that are striving to make a difference using blockchain!

The firm’s main service entails supporting the technical ideation and prototyping of projects. To achieve this, they utilize an agile approach to create minimum viable and scalable products. Additionally, they provide ongoing support for solutions they help to bring to the market.

Kaikoku Co., Ltd. Agency

Kaikoku helps international firms to localize in Japan and create a strong and long-lasting community for ICOs, brands, firms, and projects. The company prides itself on being able to handle social media management. They help to manage the social media account of various brands. To do so, they usually help a client come up with viral content that helps to spread the word on a project. With their expertise and experience, they can help a company to succeed.

Kaikoku is a Japan-focused agency that aims to bring Japan to the world. They work to ensure that international firms entering Japan and Japanese firms looking for global exposure can do so competently. Their goal is to increase brand awareness of any project using the power of the internet.

SICOS Agency

SICOS has the goal of being a one-stop solution for crowdfunding throughout Europe. They provide their clients with the advice they need at various levels of the ICO process. The company helps to structure the ICO vehicle via competent global partners. They handle the tokenomics, ensure compliance with best practices, connect a project with strategic partners, and much more.

SICOS, which is based in Luxembourg, helps companies to structure a legally sound ICO vehicle. To achieve this, they utilize their highly competent global partners to analyze the tokenomics of every project. The agency believes that high-level best practices for an ICO project are needed for its success. They work tirelessly to ensure that happens.


EMURGO is a global blockchain tech company that offers solutions to startups, governments, enterprises, and developers. They develop solutions for firms, create developer tools, invest in startups, and help to disseminate blockchain education. The company has a presence in over six nations that include India, the US, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Besides helping to market blockchain-related projects, EMURGO offers several important services. These services include IT consulting services and UI/UX development. They have professional industry experts ready to help a company transform, implement, and maintain its infrastructure. Their support is provided to any project, as it is needed.

Blockchain Intelligence Group Agency

Blockchain Intelligence Group is a consulting firm that offers more than basic advisory services. They place themselves in the shoes of their clients and align their objectives with them. The company then works to unlock the full potential of the investment in the blockchain project. Blockchain Intelligence Group achieved its success because of successful and professional interactions with clients. When we begin working with a client, we strive to ensure that we do not disrupt the normal workflow of a company while delivering measurable results.

The company has developed various tools, combined with its team of seasoned investigators. These tools are designed to ensure that a company mitigates any legal risks associated with working in the blockchain sector. By working with the agency, startups in the blockchain world can avoid the legal pitfalls that most firms in the sector face.

Yellow Mango Agency

Yellow Mango is a digital agency that offers its clients professional services in the marketing of their products. They handle all aspects of the marketing campaign from discovery to completion. The company will collect data, which will help to quantify the success of their efforts.

Their main areas of focus are digital consultancy services and digital marketing. With their assistance, clients can launch successful digital marketing campaigns that help them maximize their ROI on ad dollars. The team is comprised of a team of experienced professionals from various industries.

Some of the solutions clients receive include enterprise architecture, business analysis, systems analysis, digital marketing, and product ownership. As part of the digital marketing effort, companies will receive services such as Google Analytics Consultancy, paid search engine marketing, email marketing campaigns, content creation and copywriting, and SEO services.

Awapal Solutions Agency

AWapal Solutions was created in 2012. It has achieved a lot since them. The company uses innovative technology to offer its digital marketing services. To offer their services, they incorporate the latest in mobile and web tech. However, they do not specialize in the blockchain sector. Despite this, any blockchain-based project that needs professional services can access them.

They offer various services including consultancy services, where they blend business expertise with the latest innovations to define new business products and services. The agency will also help in the design of a project to ensure that they solve challenges to enhance the user experience. Additionally, they help in the engineering and operation of a project by actively getting involved in the software development process. Awapal Solutions also participates in the deployment and operation of a project to ensure that it succeeds.

When a business grows it becomes tough to keep entire records in an organized manner. But my special thanks goes to Awapal Solutions that provided me customized software for my forced matrix & showed me the path as how to keep things in a sequence way. Must say, a user-friendly software service provider that helped me in enlightening by business goal. I will surely contact the company for my future business plan.


 While numerous agencies have tried their hand at digital marketing in the blockchain sector, few have been around for as long as Tokeminds. Any company that needs professional assistance with marketing needs should consider contacting them.

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