November 26, 2022

The Crypto Top 20 Looked Very Different In 2017, Will Your Fav Projects Still Be Relevant In 4 Years?

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Popular crypto YouTuber Lark Davies tweeted about 2017’s landscape, mentioning that the majority of the leading 20 tokens at that time have actually since fallen away.

He included that people require to be familiar with the quick modification in pace with cryptocurrency markets and to prepare appropriately.

This is the leading 20 #crypto coins 4 years ago today. Offers you some pretty solid point of view. If you do not think your coin will still be here, or a minimum of in the leading 100 in 4 years from today then you had much better have an exit plan!

But with the increase of basically strong projects and the substantial advancement strides made since 2017, might 2025’s landscape look similar to what we have today?

Bitcoin Still On Top After More Than A Decade

A look at 2017’s crypto landscape reveals an extremely various structure compared to the present. Yes, Bitcoin and Ethereum remain rooted in the number one and two areas. And XRP, Litecoin, and Tether are likewise in the picture. However it’s all change for whatever else.

Top 20 cryptos in 2017
Source: @TheCryptoLark on This suggests crypto financiers have adjustable sentimentality. Some would take this a step even more and make the point that crypto financiers are fickle.

Nonetheless, going back to the earliest record (April 23, 2013) on CoinMarketCap, the one continuous throughout is Bitcoin at primary.

Critics state that Bitcoin does not have programmability and hasn’t altered much since its creation. Nevertheless, this hasn’t affected its standing as the leading cryptocurrency.

Compared to second and third-generation blockchains, Bitcoin is a dinosaur, having actually been exceeded lot of times over on a technological level. This ends up being patently clear when taking a look at the low throughput and often long confirmation times.

Yet, it remains the leading cryptocurrency with a market cap far in excess of the next greatest.

The only conclusion to draw is that the marketplace worths trust over programmability and speed. And as the most trusted brand, Bitcoin is leaps ahead of everybody else, which’s in spite of having a confidential creator.

A Moment For Fallen

Alex Lashkow, the co-founder of Linguix, an AI composing tool, looked at the crypto leading 10 in 2013 versus 2018, and like Davies, likewise kept in mind huge modifications to the rankings.

He mentions that a number of the leading 2013 jobs didn’t have the substance to back up the buzz that surrounded them.

“Although the majority of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in 2013 raised a great deal of buzz, regrettably most of them didn’t benefit making the list in 2018.”

A comparable argument could be made with leading 2017 projects.

But what about comparing 2021 to 2025? The existing leading 10 reads Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Tether, Binance Coin, XRP, Solana, Polkadot, USD Coin, and Dogecoin, bringing up the rear.

Other than for Tether, due to regulative unpredictability and the controversy of its money reserves, and Dogecoin, due to its lack of clear use case, every other project has strong substance to support its standing in the leading 10.

That being so, with a lot of essential sound projects out there, perhaps we’ll see that many are still extremely ranked four years from now.