December 5, 2022

The Bitcoin Drake Lost After UFC Fighter Masvidal Got Defeated

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The popular Canadian rap artist Aubrey Drake Graham, much better called Drake, made a $275,000 bitcoin bet on a UFC battle. Sadly for him, Jorge Masvidal (his pick for a winner) lost the match.

Betting on The Underdog

Last weekend’s fight between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington was the main event of UFC 272. The match was extra unique given that the guys are previous buddies, roommates, and colleagues. Nevertheless, the fighters can not stand each other now, and numerous believed that this match would be strong.

It looks like the distinguished artist Drake was also captivated by the battle considering that he wagered $275,000 in bitcoin on Jorge Masvidal to win.

Regardless of not resulting in a knockout, the fight was vicious – – as numerous anticipated. Covington, though, was considerably better than his opponent landing 218 strikes on him, while Masvidal struck him “just” 90 times. The former remained in full control of the battle, and all three judges voted in his favor.

It deserves noting that Masvidal was the underdog in the fight as his odds to win were 1 to 3.75. Had he beat his opponent, Drake would have won over $750,000 worth of bitcoin.

During his press conference after his victory, Covington began teasing the Canadian rapper. “Let’s talk about all the money that Drake lost this evening,” he said. Covington even prompted him to sell some of his albums to bring back the losses.

Drake’s BTC Bets Are Not Always Wrong

Almost a month back, the singer made a significant $1.26 million bet worth of bitcoin on the Super Bowl match between the Los Angeles Rams (LA Rams) and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Specifically, he bet around $472,000 on LA Rams to win the title, about $400,000 on Odell Beckham Jr. (OBJ) to catch a touchdown, and $400,000 on the footballer to have over 62.5 getting yards.

The LA team won by 23-20, bringing Drake over $240,000 worth of bitcoin. In addition, OBJ captured the very first goal in the match, bringing the rapper an additional $453,000 worth of the leading digital property.

Regretfully, the LA Ram’s star left the game with an injury in the 4th quarter and therefore might not acquire over 62.5 getting backyards, indicating that Drake lost this bet.

Still, in the after-effects, the rapper profited $300,000 worth of BTC from his Super Bowl predictions.