October 3, 2022

The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 2– Our Hero Came, Saw, And Conquered

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As the community we’re attempting to cover, the Andy Milonakis NFT Show requires to move quickly. In the show’s first episode, Milonakis began gathering digital art. In this one, he ends up being an artist and offers his first NFT collection. That fast. Plus, our hero goes into business with an NFT project and hands out a $10K piece in a Twitch stream. Andy Milonakis is a man of action, and we’re studying the NFT world through his eyes.

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As we already revealed, Bitcoinist will follow Andy Milonakis NFT journey. And by doing that, we will cover everyone’s. Using this novel art collector’s tweets and videos, Bitcoinist will document a duration in time. The NFT boom.

A Recap: What NFT Projects Are These Four Part Of?

These 4 acquisitions summarize Andy’s first couple of days in the NFT world.

The collections these come from are: Gutter Cat Gang, Gutter Rats,Bored Ape Yacht Club, and CryptoBabyPunks.

After that, Milonakis gives this program his very first video appearance. Sadly, it’s in annoying circumstances.

That’s one of the catastrophes of being famous, a lot of gifts … with strings connected. In any case, Andy Milonakis handles it gracefully.

ETHUSD price chart for 09/04/2021 - TradingView

 BTC cost chart on Bitbay|Source: BTC/USD on TradingView.com His First NFT-Focused Twitch

Stream Even though our hero isn't as popular as he utilized to be, Andy Milonakis' Internet existence has actually been continuous. Twitch is one of his tools of the trade, using the livestreaming service he's continuously in touch with his base. And now, he's got a new subject to talk about ... and a new sponsor.

The Internet likes Andy Milonakis, and he has over 600K fans on Twitch. It was a no-brainer for the Fast Food Punks to come as sponsors with a piece worth over $10K.

Apparently, the winner was a novice NFT holder. Cheers to that individual. The Fast Food Punks define themselves as "a parody" of the initial CryptoPunks.

Andy Milonakis' First NFT Sale

Individuals that weren't fortunate enough to experience "The Andy Milonakis Show" on MTV might not know this, but our hero is a really creative individual. He used archive.org's Wayback Machine to explore his old site and found some illustrations from a years earlier. This was among them:

As you may believe, Milonakis minted the photo of the drawing and it became his first-ever NFT. He produced an Opensea account under the name iamnotverygood and attempted to utilize his impacts to get confirmed:

And twenty seconds after confirmation, Andy Milonakis sold his very first NFT for a whole ETH. In a tweet, he said "IT FEELS GOOD TO BE A WASHED UP MTV STARR. I LOVE U. AND TRUST IM HERE TO STAY." At the minute of composing, 1 ETH deserves over $3900.

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A couple of hours later, Andy Milonakis sold out his very first NFT collection. Total incomes: 7.5 ETH. That's over $29K at today's rates. In less than a day ...

Of course, we could argue that Andy Milonakis's been working towards this his whole life. That his previous successes and the work he's put into remaining relevant and in people's heads for all this time is what let him leverage his fame into an artistic career. And we 'd be right, a very skilled non-famous person would have a difficult time offering 7.5 ETH worth of NFTs in one day.

However, the fact stays. Andy Milonakis came, saw, and conquered.

Featured Image: Andy Milonakis' art from this tweet|Charts by TradingView/a>