September 30, 2022

The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 19– Goat Soup At The Lakers Game & NFT Worlds

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Tonight, on The Andy Milonakis NFT Show: On the surface, everything is quiet in Goat Soup land. Under the hood, Milonakis is working like insane to bring utility to his NFT collection. The cost may be flat, however Andy took some Goat Soup holders to a Lakers game. Plus, he’s actively dealing with the hip hop album and talking to the greatest metaverse brands out there.

Let’s start with music. In this column’s last number, we notified you about Andy’ plans to tape and present an entire NFT-themed hip hop album to Goat Soup holders. Here’s Proof-Of-Work, an entire verse from what’s probably the very first single:

And this is the tune’s hook: Goat Soup hook– Andy Milonakis(@andymilonakis)— February 3, 2022 Also, in the Goat Soup discord, Milonakis published

a study in which he asked the neighborhood if the first hip hop song ought to be special to holders or if he must sell some to “non goats to bring more eyes in. “Apparently, everybody voted for it to be unique. We’ll keep you published. He likewise hosted a contest for the single’s cover art.

This post’s featured image is the winning entry. What else is in shop for the Goat Soup universe? Thankfully,

Andy summarized it in the following marketing tweet.” You’ll get a totally free hiphop song mint, IRL parties, Integrated into Webb land, in talks with the sandbox for series 2, and next up dealing with getting an NFT World produced for Goat Soup. “Benefit from the impatient people costing.1 … you ' ll get