November 26, 2022

The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 18– A Hip Hop Album In NFT Form

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Tonight, on The Andy Milonakis NFT Show: On the one hand, the Goat Soup NFT collection’s flooring rate flatlined. It lost the momentum it got with the Gary Vee pump. On the other hand, a storm is brewing. Slowly but undoubtedly, Andy keeps including utility, rolling out bonus offers, and structure with the community. The time of Goat Soup will come, and this program will be right there, recording all of it.

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Today’s heading is that Andy Milonakis is considering tape-recording a full hip hop album in NFT form, which will be totally free to mint to Goat Soup holders. In the following video, he’s attempting to determine how to technically do it and requesting for ideas from the community.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s begin with trouble. The Community Might Be Getting Anxious

What may be a minority of the Goat Soup community is not satisfied with the development up until now. Bellow, a pseudonymous holder tweeted to Andy, “We require some development manager man draws to see a task move then dip below previous flooring.” And he reacted, “Sell it, I’m not on your schedule.”

Another example, a self-proclaimed NFT artist told him,”If just you were focused this much on your own project. When’s airdrop for holders?”Milonakis response, “That’s amusing just how much of an unfavorable hater you are due to the fact that I was airdropping individuals animated goats for hours the other day.”

And he literally was. The animated Goat Soup’s airdrop we informed you about in the previous episode had just taken place.

Scenes From The Goat Soup AirDrop

This faithful Goat Soup holder that even has a goat as a profile pic got this laser-eyed monster:

This other Goat Soup owner got this less animated one and said,”You made my day today sending me this beauty of a Goat!

The artist for this special batch of Goat Soup, required to Twitter to give us more details. The illustrations “are all hand pixeled and manually animated.”And assured,”Andy’s got that GOAT vision! The next

This time is with the Voiceverse NFT job, and it’s for Andy himself and not for the Goat Soup collection.

ETHUSD price chart for 01/22/2022 - TradingView

Still, we record it in case it turns out to be crucial down the roadway. ETH rate chart for 01/22/2022 on Gemini|Source: ETH/USD on More About Andy Milonakis'Upcoming Hip Hop NFT Album For ease of access, here's the video we began this episode with: Full album as NFT?

Or, this cross-stitched Goat: This is so

charming. Excellent work!

—-- Andy Milonakis (@andymilonakis) January 15, 2022

Goat Soup fan art also exists in the digital world,

Or this little animation to paste under people revealing that they joined the

The flooring cost is just one sign. These type of little, spontaneous, masterpieces by a neighborhood that obviously cares are the signal. The time of the Goat Soup will come.

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Andy Milonakis As An NFT Collector

Our hero is Goat Soup's item manager, however he's likewise an NFT degen. Andy is an NFT producer, but he's also an accomplished collector. What did he get this week? Or, better yet, what did he sell? Well, a Bored Ape, for beginners:

On the purchasing side, Andy signed up with the Veefriends, Gary Vee's collection: ay @garyvee I ' m a

And finally, he paid 1 ETH for this 8Sian: Just sniped # 39 for 1ETH. Really cool one. Got a handful more but this is my preferred. Great task @ 8sianNFT Andy Milonakis(@andymilonakis)January 16, 2022 That's enough NFT art for today. See you all in The Andy Milonakis NFT Show's next episode.

Featured Image: screenshot of the animated Goat Soup airdrop from this tweet|Charts by TradingView