December 6, 2022

Steph Curry Is The Latest FTX Ambassador

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FTX continues it’s tear of sports sponsorship and engagement. In June, the growing exchange signed up with future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady. The exchange likewise signed a league deal with Major League Baseball and an identifying rights deal with powerhouse esports company TSM in the same month.

Safe to state it’s been rather a ‘‘ collaborations summer season’ for the growing company. Did we mention this was all after securing a huge naming rights deal to the NBA’s Miami Heat arena earlier in the year?

Today, FTX announced their newest sports ambassador, NBA super star Stephen Curry.

Things Move Fast Around Here It was just last week that Steph Curry secured himself a Bored Ape. Our group at Bitcoinist just yesterday covered Curry’s inquisitive crypto tweet. The tweet obtained replies from some of crypto’s most significant names, consisting of Michael Saylor, Charles Hoskinson, and more. Curry protected the deal with FTX less than 24 hours later, leading many to believe that he was creating buzz prior to the statement.

The partnership with FTX will consist of an equity offer for Curry, and will implant Curry’s charitable foundation, Eat.Learn.Play in the relationship with the crypto exchange. FTX will make a yearly contribution to the structure, which is intended towards building a brighter future for children.

Curry joins the ranks of the previously mentioned Tom Brady and inbound NFL quarterback Trevor Lawrence on the roster of FTX’s professional athlete ambassadors.

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What Else Are They Scorin’? FTX has been making aggressive plays in traditional sport sponsorship, esports, and in other development efforts in and out of sport. The exchange recently acquired derivatives exchange LedgerX. In addition, founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Friedman composed a significant half million dollar check towards nonprofit Bitcoin development company Brink.

In sport and entertainment, FTX has revealed imaginative initiatives in their financial investments too. Beyond the aforementioned engagement with conventional sports stars, teams, and homes, FTX has been involved in a Bitcoin-fueled chess competition, and even sponsored Axie Infinity players in establishing countries.

The exchange has actually clearly taken a well balanced yet aggressive technique in partners. Nevertheless, don’t expect them to lay on their laurels either. FTX and US-specific exchange FTX.US are most likely to discover more premium skill, groups and residential or commercial properties in both traditional and emerging sports, if the previous six months are any sign of future activity.

While numerous other exchanges are facing scrutiny, many visibly Coinbase’s public disagreement with the SEC, FTX and FTX.US are in prime position to discover more partners to construct their market share, both domestically in the U.S. and beyond.

 The platform token for crypto exchange FTX has actually seen strong growth this year as the emerging exchange looks to be a more popular player in the U.S.|Source: FTT-USD on

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