November 26, 2022

Software Application Engineer Thinks Ethereum Is Better Currency Than Bitcoin. Is It?

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There’s no denying that Ethereum has fascinating qualities as an environment. The amount of activity around the procedure alone is evidence of that. However, is it a better currency than Bitcoin? This software application engineer with a Bachelor’s Degree in economics thinks that ETH “is more likely to end up being a worldwide currency than BTC.” He makes the case in 11 tweets, and we’re here for the discussion.

Adriano Feria makes some good points, but he’s incorrect about an important aspect that makes all of his thinking fall down like a card castle. His thread begins like this:

So far so good.The only issue here is the assertion,”issuance is a type of subsidy.” It is, but that’s the only method ETH is developed, which indicates it’s a lot more than”a type of subsidy” for the miners. It’s inflation, it’s how the sausages are made, it’s magic… … and it’s vulnerable to alter whenever the designers feel like it ought to… … But that’s neither here nor there, so let’s proceed.

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Tweets one to five are a verbose description of the classic argument: “ETH has more usage cases than BTC.” That much holds true, and no one is contesting it. Is that factor enough for The Flippening to occur? It may effectively be, however that’s simply theory at this point. It hasn’t happened yet, and it’s not close to taking place. Does a swiss knife naturally have a bigger market than a screwdriver?

In any case, that has nothing to do with today’s concern, is ETH “most likely to end up being a worldwide currency than BTC!.?

.!?” To end up the very first area of his tweet storm, Mr. Feria asserts that ETH “is NOT a commodity, and never ever was.” Many individuals would disagree with this point and argue it to death. We’re not going to do that.

Wait, But, What’s The Flippening?

It’s that legendary and hypothetical time when Ethereum’s market capitalization surpasses that of Bitcoin. If you want a deep dive, Bitcoinist’s got you.

Nevertheless, that has little to do with today’s question …

ETHUSD price chart for 02/07/2021 - TradingView

ETH rate chart on Bitfinex|Source: ETH/USD on Is ETH More Likely To Become A Global Currency Than BTC?

As we approach Mr. Feria's mistake, he says "The market is beginning to see ether as a rival to bitcoin regardless of the original narrative that these were completely various types." He's not incorrect, the marketplace is beginning to see it that way. The market is wrong because they're "entirely various types." But that's neither here, nor there ...

Mr. Feria asserts an axiom that everybody need to know, that "the worth of money is determined" by supply and demand. And then, he makes the mistake:

He thinks that, "ETH's2.0 financial policy + EIP-1559 will lead to a lessening overall supply."That'smerely not real. The" Ether eum Improvement Proposal"1559 pledges numerous things, one of which is less volatile deal fees by presenting an algorithmic model and base charges. Those base costs will be burned, developing a disinflationary environment.

Nevertheless, the total supply will keep increasing. The estimated burning is not higher than the daily issuance. Not by a long shot. Today, the daily issuance is approximately 5 times greater. Which can alter, it's not set in stone. So, while a little burning definitely benefits the ETH holders, the procedure is far from having "a reducing overall supply."

Plus, and this is essential, Ethereum doesn't have a hard cap. According to their present monetary policy, they will keep minting ETH forever.

Bitcoin has a 21 million BTC hard cap. That's the total supply. It's repaired and known in advance. For this particular alone, Bitcoin is most likely to end up being an international currency.

That does not always imply there's no location for Ethereum and its dynamic ecosystem. They're both "entirely various types" of projects with extremely different attributes, after all.

Exists Anymore To This Currency Thing?

Mr. Feria completed his dissertation by stating that Ethereum's future Proof-Of-Stake consensus system, combined with all the interesting advancements in their community develops a "self-reinforcing mechanic for the gratitude of ether." That might extremely well be true, and it goes into the "need" classification. Nevertheless, an increase in ETH demand does not imply a decline in BTC demand.

So, playing Mr. Feria's scenario:
In ETH, the demand increases significantly but the supply is limitless and ever-growing.
In BTC, the need increases at the current rates and the supply is hard-capped.
You do the math.

In any case, everything's speculation at this moment. Feria also believes that "Accruing value through all these supply/demand dynamics will consequentially increase liquidity and stabilize costs." Others think that Proof-Of-Stake is a disaster and that the ETH burning to come will increase volatility and serve as a permanent "halving." Who's right and who's incorrect? We'll have to wait and see.

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Nevertheless, BTC is unmatched as a currency.
Not just by ETH, however by everything under the sun since the dawn of time.
If and just if it can be considered as currency, however, that's a subject for another time.

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