August 17, 2022

SafeMoon’s Latest AMA Was A Trainwreck. Track Record Permanently Damaged?

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There was no moderator. SafeMoon utilized Twitch as a platform for the event. There were other individuals on the panel however they weren’t properly introduced. The business’s CEO, John Karony, played master of ceremony. The company’s CTO, Thomas Smith, played the program’s main guess. They both played themselves.

What Happened At SafeMoon’s AMA?

SafeMoon promised amazing statements and new developments. It supplied neither. The transmission’s title was “Miami Crypto Experience 2021 Edition,” but who-was-where wasn’t effectively described. At least Thomas Smith appeared to be in a conference environment. “DeFi was hungry for honesty,” he stated.

You can catch the rerun of this live event here. If you’re not acquainted with SafeMoon and their amazing month, read this article first. Ifyou already know about them, let’s cut to the chase and answer this concern.

They began with amazing realities: the website is getting a million visitors a day, and 2 million the other day. They are hosting a hackathon in the Miami occasion. The goal is to develop a multi-chain or cross-chain NFT wallet. Over 100 groups are completing. However, SafeMoon could not reveal the prizes just yet. This lack of transparency was the leitmotif of the night.

Then, rather of responding to concerns, Thomas started introducing individuals around him. A person who’s going to be their NFT consultant existed. He spoke about a personalized Porshe. He talked about an NFT for the song “Hate it or Love it,” which Cool & & Dre produced for The Game and 50 Cent. An artist revealed his NFT scratchers. Scratch away and you get a code with which you can reclaim a free NFT.

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The CEO of the Mandala Exchange existed. Obviously, they’re going to list SafeMoon’s token. According to John. there were fifty thousand individuals watching at this point. In the chatroom, everyone was complaining about their lack of professionalism and asking if Binance was going to note the token.

They as soon as again claimed that the Binance Smart Chain fell out of synch since of the activity SafeMoon brought to the environment. “We’re growing so quickly that we have these impacts,” said Thomas.

SafeMoon price chart, by Coinmarketcap

 SafeMoon cost chart|Source: Coinmarketcap Individuals wanted answers, and Jhon started discussing future exchanges that are going to list the coin. Besides the currently mentioned Mandala, the MCX exchange revealed their listing, and BScex will do the very same soon. Jhon said that Asian markets are very crucial for SafeMoon and to expect statements about Chinese exchanges soon.

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The chatroom wished to talk about the fear, uncertainty, and doubt they were feeling. The panel simply laugh it off and stated the system was working well now. They blamed the FUD on the effects that the breaking of the Binance Smart Chain had, which might not be an accurate analysis of the situation.

People wanted to speak about SafeMoon's fundamentals. The panelists didn't appear to. A few questions remained in the air. Where these individuals preventing major subjects? Was all of the unprofessional mayhem a trick to invest the whole time in trivialities and don't deal with the genuine concerns? If it was, it worked. Clumsily, John closed the session while the chatroom was on fire.

The AMA's Aftermath

Later on that day, the business apologized via this tweet:

And even later, the CEO actioned in front of the electronic cameras once again to say sorry. Just to, when again, speak about exchanges that are going to note their token and little else.

Even with all this, is their track record permanently damaged? Most likely not. But SafeMoon's price keeps falling.

Featured Image by Gaëtan Othenin-Girard on Unsplash - Charts: Coinmarketcap