October 5, 2022

ritestream: Putting Film and Television Content on the Metaverse

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Blockchain began as the basis for cryptocurrencies, however the reinventing technology has actually grown to be far more, as designers continue to check out the diverse usage of the tech.

The intro of blockchain principles like Web3, metaverse, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in recent times has even more gotten the attention of mainstream internet users. Now, an unique mix of these 3 concepts developed on the blockchain has made its method into the show business.

The difficulties of effectively funding a brand-new movie and TV content project can be rather challenging. As a result, countless great ideas never ever make it to the screen. Consisting of those that do suffer from an absence of varied monetization opportunities.

However all that will pertain to an end as ritestream intends to revolutionize how we create and consume content!

What is ritestream?

ritestream is a community established for the production and monetization of film and television material on the blockchain. The platform provides a launchpad for film and TV content and a marketplace for their monetization and marketing.

ritestream’s vision is to totally alter the course of the show business, from how material is funded, how people take in content, and how it is monetized. It intends to equalize the movie and TV material developer economy and generate revenues in the metaverse by means of NFTs for both creators and the customer neighborhood.

The platform serves as a medium to empower creators from ideation to global distribution and into the popular metaverse world, increasing their earning chances via NFTs while incentivizing audiences.


How Does it Work? The ritestream community presents the concept of decentralization in filmmaking by tapping into the power of distributed ledger innovation (DLT) to empower developers with open networks to improve the free flow of creativity.

There are three layers to how the ritestream ecosystem works: launchpad, market, and consumer app.

  • Launchpad

The launchpad is where any movie and TV material developer with either a brand new concept or a currently developed franchise can note their project, in the form of NFTs, on the ritestream platform getting assistance from the community.

Neighborhood members can consequently purchase fractional ownership of the NFT and fund the principles that they believe in. Investors can be both private and institutional.

With the funds contributed by the fractional owners of the NFTs, creators can then produce their movie and TV material jobs. The fractional owners of the NFTs get earnings from the production based on the quantity of RITE coin, the platform’s native token, they invested.

Contributors likewise receive different ownership rights based on the value of their investments. For instance, bigger investors could get an “Executive Producer” credit for the movie, behind-the-scenes content, meet-and-greets with the cast and team, and numerous other special opportunities.

  • The Marketplace

The marketplace is where the produced material is dispersed and monetized using ritestream’s revenue-generating and revolutionary “Content As a Service” design.

Unlike many other tasks, ritestream has an existing network of streaming platforms that reaches over 100 million audiences worldwide. As quickly as the film is produced, it is minted into NFTs and gains immediate access to this vast network of streaming platforms. It is then dispersed worldwide and can be readily monetized.

To even more take full advantage of the monetization of material, the developer can mint various selected scenes from the movie as NFTs once it is produced. These NFT scenes will consequently be dropped to RITE coin holders in the market. The profits generated through these NFT drops will go to both the developer and fractional owners of the film by means of RITE coins. These NFTs can be traded on the market right together with ownership interest in the films and tv shows.

Furthermore, higher viewership ratings can make the NFT better, dramatically increasing the reward for the developer and greatly increasing the monetization potential for each material project.

  • The Consumer App

The consumer app is where the produced material on the ritestream platform can be seen and taken in. Audiences can rate and engage with the content at various points by rating scenes, taking surveys, and ranking the final product to earn tokens.

Content customers will be rewarded for engaging with the produced films on the ritestream platform utilizing the RITE tokens. These tokens power every activity on the ecosystem and can be used to see more material, fund material, or purchase specially-curated NFTs.

Furthermore, data from the “View to Earn” system on the ritestream customer app will alert the developers about what audiences like or do not like and likewise generate extra incomes through potential marketers.