November 26, 2022

Regardless Of Rising Bitcoin Price, Google Trends Show Interest Remains Low

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Despite the recent huge move in Bitcoin price, Google patterns expose basic interest in the cryptocurrency still stays low.

Google Trends For The Search Term “Bitcoin” Show Low Current Interest

BTC just recently had a sharp move up where the rate crossed the $55k mark for the first time since May. Nevertheless, regardless of such a boost, Google patterns reveal a different photo about the general interest in the crypto.

Here is the current interest over time chart for the search term “Bitcoin”:

Bitcoin Google Trends

 Interest in BTC over the last one year|Source: Google Trends As the graph shows, interest in Bitcoin looks to be quite low at the minute when compared to the early 2021 rally. Google's trend charts show these interest worths relative to the period where the search term had peak popularity. This highest worth is taken as 100 and every other value is calculated relative to this. For instance, an interest of 50 would suggest the duration had half as much popularity as the peak. Related Reading|Can Google Trends Predict The Last Bitcoin Leg Up? On taking a more detailed look at the chart, it emerges that Bitcoin

had peak interest for the period on 16 May. Feb and Jan likewise saw appeals not really vice versa as both had interest values over 80. However the existing worth according to Google is simply around 31, lower than at the start of September. Here is some more intriguing information, this time the popularity has actually been filtered by region instead of by time: The leading five areas for the search term Bitcoin|Source: Google Trends Unsurprisingly, El Salvador is top of the list as the country just recently adopted the

cryptocurrency as legal tender. The United States is ranked all the way to 23rd today. What Do These Trends Mean? A crucial thing that these Google patterns reveal is that there is a relative lack of new interest in Bitcoin today. The recent rally where BTC crossed$ 55k for the very first time

in five months hasn't sufficed of a spark to reignite basic appeal in the coin. Associated Reading|Miners Transfer A Never-Before-Seen Amount Of Bitcoin To Exchanges It also implies that this rise in the rate of Bitcoin is mostly driven by old cash. As an absence of brand-new interest would also imply a lack of fresh money dropping into the crypto. It's likely that the Google trends chart would change quickly if BTC keeps continuing like this, and all

the fresh money that will be available in then could take it to new heights. On the other hand, if interest fails to light up going forward, then Bitcoin's cost might drop back down instead.

BTC's rate shoots up|Source: BTCUSD on TradingView Featured image from, charts from, Google Trends