August 17, 2022


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PlasmaPay is an international cryptocurrency wallet and digital payments dApp (decentralized application) that supplies fiat on/off ramp services through mobile and desktop apps to users from over 165 countries. People and organizations can use the upcoming PlasmaPay dashboard to buy offer or exchange digital properties and likewise send out or get cross-border payments. Built on their own public blockchain tech called the Plasma DLT (dispersed ledger innovation), PlasmaPay intends to be the missing out on link that links the underbanked and unbanked population with the DeFi community to supply them financial services without banks. As the global digital assets market is poised to press upwards of $365B in worth, many proponents of the area would argue that there is a serious requirement for more fiat-to-crypto service providers and digital payments processors. It is precisely this particular need that PlasmaPay is trying to address. While the concept of decentralized financing required to the spotlight only in 2020, numerous companies such as MakerDAO, Substance Finance, including PlasmaPay themselves, have been working in the shadows before the term DeFi was even created. In fact, PlasmaPay initially released its cryptocurrency wallet, a non-custodial service to save Bitcoin, Ethereum and countless ERC-20 tokens, way back in the very first quarter of 2018. They launched PlasmaPay for service in 2019 which was backed by integration with Visa and Mastercard processing and enabled crypto-fiat represent e-commerce companies. Right after, the Crypto Checkout service was established to assist users on significant exchanges purchase crypto possessions straight with their fiat bank cards. The Plasma Chain mainnet, the general public blockchain on which the PlasmaPay facilities is built, was released towards completion of 2019 and currently has multiple dApps running on-chain and will broaden internationally in 2021.

CEO and Founder of PlasmaPay

Who funded PlasmaPay?

Ilia Maksimenka, CEO of PlasmaPay, commented, “Plasma Chain represents an additional achievement for PlasmaPay. We have been constructing it considering that 2018, as we understood that the existing offerings would not suffice for the explosion in DeFi activity that we were expecting. It will offer the infrastructure required for a smooth user experience as we continue to try and cultivate global DeFi adoption.”

Designers will be able to utilize Plasma’s building blocks such as the fiat on and off-ramp gateways to establish new DeFi procedures and dApp’s. Online services, mobile/web designers and e-commerce companies are simply some examples of organizations that can considerably benefit from using tools built on top of PlasmaPay.

Benefits include payment processing, sending & receiving payments despite card company or bank, cross-border transactions all with absolutely no commissions and instant liquidity.

How does PPAY work?

The PPAY is community energy token and opens the full potential of the Plasma environment. PPAY token holders must be individuals who somehow engage with the environment, dedicated to its future advancement, and want to participate in governance. This is how we aim to really decentralize and harmonize community members of Plasma.

How PPAY work


PPAY and Plasma Chain

Fast-forward to 2020, the company has actually come a long way from being just a wallet service. The PlasmaPay team has actually been dealing with establishing clever contracts for DAO, NFT, NTT tokens and a robust structure for designers on Github. Today, Plasma Chain supports 42 stablecoins allowing any dApp or DeFi designer to execute the solution in their applications. The PPAY token, which is the utility and governance token of the Plasma community, will be introduced later this year to accelerate advancement on the Plasma Chain and its bridge between Ethereum and Plasma Chain. The token will have an initial flowing supply of 55,750,000 PPAY with the overall supply capped at 1 billion tokens. PPAY holders can also participate in staking, governance voting and liquidity mining right from the PlasmaPay control panel. For those interested to dive even more into PPAY tokenomics, the PlasmaPay white-paper lays out the specifics in higher information.



Preliminary phase: Group structure
We gathered the best group of lovers and hackers and prepared yourself to work 7 days a week to construct the future for digital money

Effective launches PlasmaPay MVP
Website and user interface established user can developing wallets and send out coins
Ethereum and Bitcoin.

PlasmaPay Effective launches Beta
Strong user interface,
Assistance: Non-custodial wallets:
– BTC wallet
– ETH wallet
Generating Mnemonics,
Development of invoices and history of transactions.

– ERC20 tokens;
– Simplex (purchase crypto with card);.
– Wallet bots for Telegram;.
– 2 Element Authentication.


PlasmaChain Testnet – Beta.
Complete launch screening and loads of producer nodes.
PlasmaPay PlasmaWallet.
Our PlasmaChain blockchain has actually got an interface and wallet creation.

PlasmaPay IOS/ANDROID App.
The mobile version of the web wallet is now offered.


PlasmaPay assistance Buy crypto with charge card (processing);.
Our customers were no longer pleased with partners for the purchase of cryptocurrency and we developed our own processing on our finest terms.

PlasmaPay OAUTH for dApp on PlasmaChain.
We made it possible to connect and create applications in the wallet, thereby anyone who developed the application receives the user interface of the personal account for users.

PlasmaPay assistance EU and Asia Banks.
We are not limited to one fiat partner, and for the stability of the system, we are continuously in the race for much better conditions and security.

PlasmaChain Public Smart-Contracts Environment;.
For the growth of an infant into a kid, we unlocked for external developers, but we still control the processes.

PlasmaChain Oracle network.
Now the blockchain is filled with rates every second from relied on sources and is also validated by all node holders.

PlasmaChain 42 StableCoins.
We have launched an experiment on the creation of core bankless properties on the blockchain also, secured through fiat partners in tight coupling.

PlasmaChain initially dApp Dice Video game.
For a pure experiment, we released a dice game with reasonable random, and all stablecoins on board.

PlasmaChain Mainnet Liberty Live.
Releasing the primary network after a successful network performance and security test.

PlasmaPay Mainnet PlasmaChain wallet.
Produce addresses and wallets on the mainnet.

PlasmaChain Public Node Environment.
Only members of the plasma alliance are still permitted to code, but you can touch the blockchain user interface and begin verifying blocks.

PlasmaChain Data Explorer.
Data of all deals, rates, and the smallest motion in the PlasmaChain, outside observers can now likewise assist control the integrity.

PlasmaPay Crypto Checkout.
Plasma Alliance opened a corporate account on 5 significant cryptocurrency exchanges and introduced a service to buy cryptocurrency with a bank card.

PlasmaPay Service Checkout.
Plasma Alliance agreed with Visa/MC card processing suppliers and relies on combination and introduced a crypto-fiat accounts for eCommerce businesses.

PlasmaChain Smart-contracts Example tools.
We motivate our partners to release their applications in the future with ready-made components in open source for quick application development.

PlasmaChain Business Chain.
Involvement amongst the winners in the Rolls-Royce hackathon.
Release of a personal program for corporate blockchain networks.


PlasmaChain effective TX microprocessor.
Processing a deal in the debit card layer requires their speed of execution, and here we are restricted not just by the power of the blockchain but likewise by the environment, we have actually reinforced these functions and continue to work on this every day.

PlasmaPay E-commerce Module for Service Checkout.
Online shops are sold in ready-made boxes with all the functions, we have offered these boxes combination with payments from PlasmaPay in one button/.

PlasmaPay Service SEPA or SWIFT Off/On- Ramp.
The business got a task with their bank accounts for the circulation of their money, a little action for the regular, substantial for the individual crypto.

PlasmaChain and PlasmaPay – Huge security upgrade.
– Hashicorp Plugin;.
– New file encryption;.
– 50% of the code base;.
– Update APIs.


PlasmaPay Support new fiat processing partners.
We are not restricted to one fiat partner, and for the stability of the system, we are constantly in the race for better conditions and security.

PlasmaPay Support powerful Dashboard for Organization.
Purchase history with in-depth statistics in the merchant’s shop.

PlasmaChain WEB IDE.
Quickly environment for dealing with smart-contracts.

PlasmaRooms MVP on board
Encrypted video conference rooms with integrated crypto payments based upon smart-contract PlasmaChain, This application permits you to experience the power of the Plasma environment and how standard applications can exist in the new web3.0 economy.


Plasma launches PPAY token.
New energy token of Plasma ecosystem, to accelerate development and attain decentralization.

PlasmaPay releases Defi Control panel MVP (ERC-20).
User interface inside the PlasmaPay wallet, with gain access to for other alternative wallets to the functions of DeFI tasks, testing on a PPAY token.
Includes functions:.
– Swap.
– Liquid Swimming pools.

PlasmaChain HyperLoop cross-chain beta (Ethereum to PLASMA);.
Bridge protocol for controlling locked possessions in several chains and unlocking in active ones.

PlasmaChain releases Synthetics protocol;.
Supplement to the bridge protocol for the atomic development of synth tokens secured by blocking in alternative blockchain as example Ethereum.

PlasmaChain introduces HyperLoop (Cross-chain Oracle network).
Hyperloop bridge procedure management should examine not only the rates, but the total value of the deal, the number of tokens, transfer of ownership, and other signs to attain openness in the transport of properties.


PPAY token triggers Staking.
PPAY holders will make a part of the trade fees based on the amount of xPPAY held relative to the weight of the staking. Where the tokens are staked to make sure the network remains secure, as good Delegates in Governance are rewarded, and bad actors lose their stake.

PlasmaPay introduces Defi Dashboard Beta.
New features:.
– Staking.
– Financing.
– Borrow.
– Governance.
– Yield Farming.

PlasmaRooms launches.
Encrypted video conference rooms with built-in crypto payments based on smart-contract PlasmaChain, This application permits you to experience the power of the Plasma environment and how conventional applications can exist in the new web3.0 economy.


PlasmaChain launches HyperLoop Cross-Chain Bridge in Mainnet.
Release in battle mode and begin trading on real possessions.

PlasmaPay releases Defi Control panel Beta.
Assistance integration gate for smart-contracts partners:.
– Uniswap.
– Balancer.
– Compound.
– Aave.
– Synthetix.

PlasmaPay DeFi Dashboard assistance CrossChain (ETHEREUM to PLASMA).
New chance for partners to transfer agreements and tokens to plasma chain and trade in between blockchains.

PlasmaPay pre-order Visa Crypto Card;.
Token holders will have the ability to purchase cards under much better conditions, for the future flow of a decentralized non-custodian account, your card will open access to ATMs and online stores around the globe.


PlasmaChain HyperLoop Cross-Chain assistance.

·  Cosmos.

·  EOS.

·  BinanceChain.
PlasmaPay Defi Control Panel.
Assistance new properties:.
– Cosmos.
– EOS.
– BinanceChain.

PlasmaPay Activate Visa Crypto Card program.
First cardholders will be able to begin screening and spending their crypto coins all over.

PlasmaPay Update mobile apps IOS/Android with all functions in web PlasmaPay.
Our web application is constantly ahead, but we do not forget mobile applications, nevertheless, they need to equal.


Public PlasmaChain.
Move from personal to public mode launch in fight mode and start trading on real properties.

Project website: