October 2, 2022

Passive income generation procedure MoonLift passes Hacken’s security audit

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Hacken, a cybersecurity consulting company with a necessary concentrate on blockchain security, today revealed it recently carried out a wise contract audit for MoonLift, a community-driven passive income generator operating on Binance Smart Chain. Security engineers found no problems at the final review.

On the other hand, set to release in the next couple of hours, the core group of MoonLift has currently created an enthusiastic community that is waiting for the very first listing of the environment’s native MLTP token.

MoonLift intends to be a one-stop destination for people that wish to make passive earnings.

The tokenomics of the MoonLift Protocol is developed to reward long-term stakeholders. With every buy transaction, the platform takes a 5% charge. Also with every sell transaction, the platform will take a 10% cost. All of the paid fees return to MLTP token holders.

“MoonLift’s team acknowledges the level of digital threats existing in the market because hackers actively attack new projects to steal investors’ funds by exploiting clever contract vulnerabilities. By passing the smart contract audit carried out by our engineers; MoonLift will enhance financiers’ confidence and trust in the task and will end up being a more attractive investment destination for prospective community members. Cooperation with new tasks is an interesting challenge for Hacken and fantastic obligation. We realize that every mistake from our side might lead to tasks’ collapse or serious financial damage. That is why our security professionals pay high attention to all details; and try to consider numerous situations to connect hackers’ hands.”
– – The Hacken Team

MoonLift Roadmap

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