October 2, 2022

Nexus Mutual Hacker Now Demanding $2.7 Million Ethereum Ransom 

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The hacker is messaging Hugh directly on-chain and asking 4.5 k ETH in return of the staying wNXM. Thats ~$ 2.7 M that Hugh needs to pay to rescue wNXM and a great “token swap” from the vermin to exit this illiquid market into good money ETHhttps:// t.co/ dWOIAxWlyU https://t.co/o8Pmm3gwg2 pic.twitter.com/8PnteEYYzv.
—– Julien Bouteloup (@bneiluj) December 16, 2020.
Far, the hackers KYC documents on Nexus Mutual have actually exposed a location in Singapore. The IP address, nevertheless, tracked a Japanese site..
Regardless of the elegance in performing the attack, the opponent appears to have actually made a couple of clumsy mistakes, making them susceptible to IP address tracking. Nevertheless, it is likewise possible that the hacker is using a VPN service to mislead investigators..
The audacity of the hacker does not suggest any worry of getting captured. .

The Nexus Mutual hacker sent a direct message to Hugh Karps Ethereum address this early morning, demanding 4,500 ETH worth ($ 2.7 million) in exchange for the remaining loot..
Nexus Mutual Hacker Unloads on DEXes.
The price of Nexus Mutuals NXM tokens has dropped 15% because the hack. The criminal now plans to wait on rate recovery prior to discharging the rest..
Covered Nexus Mutual (wNXM) cost chart. Source: CoinGeckoWhile waiting, the hacker has asked the Nexus Mutual founder, Hugh Karp, for a $1.7 settlement to return the remaining loot.
Instantly after the event on Monday, the enemy transformed the KYC-ed NXM tokens to Wrapped NXM (wNXM) on Ethereum, utilizing decentralized exchanges 1inch and Matcha..
Later on, the wrongdoer washed $2.7 million, transforming wNXM to 137 renBTC saved in two addresses..
Throughout the 12-hour deadline, Hugh Karp placed on the entity to either return the funds for a $300k bounty or face legal consequences..
The assaulter has shown an overall neglect for Karps hazards..
Brave or Stupid?.
Today, the enemy transformed another $500,000 wNXM into Ethereum and has paused for rate healing prior to dumping more. The opponent utilized Tornado Cash, a privacy tool for masking Ethereum deals, and 1inch exchange to transform wNXM to ETH..
The remaining wNXM tokens, worth almost $4.5 million, are still at the hackers disposal..