December 6, 2022

News From El Salvador, Early July: Bukele, El Zonte, And The ATM Factory

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The Bitcoin train is moving fast in El Salvador. The law that makes it legal tender enters into result in September, but the very first Bitcoin business is currently up and running. Also, a member of the United States government and Reuters have President Bukele in their minds. Plus, concrete enhancements in El Zonte, the land of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

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Are you ready to enter into it? This train is moving quickly as lightning, hop aboard!

Political Leaders And Media Magicians

  • The U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland went to El Salvador. She had a “productive conference” with President Nayib Bukele and Alexandra Hill, the Foreign Minister. Nuland was visiting Paraguay, Panama, and El Salvador. As far as we can tell, she didn’t visit El Zonte.

    According to The U.S. Embassy in El Salvador:

In El Salvador, reinforced U.S. support for strong democratic organizations, transparency, and rule of law in conferences with Salvadoran President Bukele Foreign Minister Hill, and in roundtables with civil society and with young Salvadoran politicians.

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  • “Google it. Mentioning President Bukele, Reuters used his image for a short article entitled: “Central American officials arrive on list as part of U.S. corruption crackdown.” The thing is, Bukele was no place to be seen in stated list. A little mishap? Or, maybe, the example you need to deal with if you attempt to release the people from the cartel that is the banking system? You choose.

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BTCUSD price chart for 07/03/2021 - TradingView

But enough about politicians, let's speak about crucial people. BTC rate chart on EXMO|Source:
  • BTC/USD on News From El Zonte AKA Bitcoin Beach Bitcoin is hope. These two El Zonte shopkeeper are on their method to financial liberty. Let's examine back with them in 10 years.

  • In El Zonte, they offer free courses on entrepreneurism, English, software application development, and more. This motion is about lifting the community as a whole. No woman or man left.