December 6, 2022

New York City to Become the ‘Center of Bitcoins,’ Promised Mayoral Front Runner

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The number of US city mayors, whether present or running, supporting bitcoin continues to grow. After Miami’s Francis Suarez, the favorite to win the race in New York City, Eric Adams, guaranteed to make NYC different in a year, consisting of becoming the “center of bitcoins.”

BTC Going to NYC?

Running as a Democrat, Eric Adams is a polarizing figure that managed to get ahead in the race through an old-school method by getting assistance from Black and Latino voters with unions.

Although roughly 70% of voters didn’t make him their first option, the new and questionable voting system in the city has actually made him the favorite. The most recent polls showed a lead of over 75,000 votes over Maya Wiley.

Apart from making the typical political promises of lowering crime rates and producing new tasks, he also laid out a somewhat unanticipated strategy, which he thinks will revive economic success to one of the world’s essential cities.

During a recent speech, he discussed his intentions to turn New York City into a technology center, and he even quickly mentioned the largest cryptocurrency – – bitcoin.

“I’m going to assure you in one year, you are going to see a different city. We are going to end up being the center of life science, the center of cybersecurity, the center of self-driving cars, drones, the center of bitcoins.”

New York City. Source: LovelyPlanet
New York City. Source: LovelyPlanet Rather expectedly, the CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, fasted to weigh in on the matter, stating that “bitcoin is wish for New York.”

Miami’s Mayor Leads the Way

Months prior to Adams spoke about bitcoin, another mayor of a large United States city was the first to reveal his assistance about the possession. Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami, stated he was opened to explore investing 1% of the treasury reserves in BTC.

Ever since, he has declared his stance, indicating that he is a holder of bitcoin and ether. He also drew in the world’s largest Bitcoin conference to occur in Miami, where he praised the main cryptocurrency once more.

Most just recently, Suarez tried to draw BTC miners into moving to his city and promised them rewards like inexpensive nuclear energy.

Featured Image Courtesy of TownandCountryMag