October 2, 2022

New Generation XQR Social Network: A Review of the Project and an Interview with Its Creator

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Many contemporary state-of-the-art projects open brand-new opportunities for users. An example of such a start-up is XQR, whose designers have actually expanded the capacity of social media networks by creating a special multifunctional platform.

XQR is a service for automating an exchange of contacts, whose users have access to lots of special tools. Here’s how the project works:

To learn more about XQR, we’ll have a talk with its founder, cybersecurity professional Roman Prototsky. What projects motivated you to produce XQR?

I typically attend themed exhibitions, conferences, and networking meetings. Normally the exact same thing occurs: everybody discuss themselves and their work, in turn.

There was a desire to produce a service which would allow you to just display a QR code connected to a URL that would instantly give people maximum information about yourself.


Screenshot from XQR Presentation In among your interviews, you say there is nothing out there like XQR. Are you familiar with any attempts by other developers to copy XQR? How technically tough is it to replicate this

task? To address your concern, I will provide you an example. Take the ingenious Tesla electrical vehicle. Everyone understands it has 4 rubber tires, much like other cars. The product for making wheels was developed many years earlier, however this does not make Tesla a copy of other cars.

The ingenious technology that the developers added to the rubber wheels invented several years earlier makes the company’s electrical cars special. Therefore, it is illogical to state that Tesla is the exact same cars and truck as all the others that came prior to it even if it has components found in the traditional automotive industry.

The QR codes used by XQR could be called an analogue to the rubber wheels utilized by Tesla’s vehicles. Yes, the technology was invented several years earlier, however the capabilities of QR codes are supplemented by a lot of original developments in XQR.

One of the primary differences between XQR and other social networks is that any user can earn cryptocurrency inside XQR. We bring whatever together: QR codes, evaluations, links, portfolios, wallets, and social media networks. There are no items worldwide comparable to the one we’ve created.


XQR user’s personal page interface

But to go back to copycat tasks, technically speaking, our project is not very challenging to replicate. It might take six months to a year, or maybe a number of years.

From the point of view of technology, there is always an arms race amongst developers. Whoever can do it much faster and much better than the others is the Top Gun. Somebody might be able to copy one specific ‘function’ of our job, but it’s not so simple to duplicate the whole complex of XQR services, with all its nuances.

To prove this, it suffices to recall the story of Clubhouse, the sensational social media network based on voice interaction. After the job was introduced, numerous attempted to copy its approach, but no one managed to reach the very same level of popularity. In many ways, the factor is that the other market individuals were unable to qualitatively copy the platform, with all its nuances.

And, as for XQR, we are constantly moving forward and establishing the project, so it would be nigh on impossible to duplicate. Many people haven’t taken notice of us yet, but when XQR grows, we will be ahead any potential rivals due to our continuous intro of brand-new functions and functions. Our partners will likewise assist us with this, so copying XQR will not be an easy task.

XQR’s developments can be beneficial not only for individuals, but likewise for business. Have any major market individuals ever shown interest in XQR’s tools?

More than 20 companies have actually already revealed interest in us, including agents of state and telecommunications companies, in addition to merchants. They’re all anticipating seeing the first results of XQR’s work.

Many market individuals are more interested in the audience this platform will create than the technology we’re utilizing. As soon as the variety of XQR users exceeds 100,000, these business will sign up with the queue to integrate into the task and develop collaborations with us.

Have you experienced any prohibitions connected to the regulation of the digital possession market while establishing XQR?

This hasn’t occurred up until now, but I understand that issues might develop in the future, so we have attorneys to assist us handle such problems.

Another crypto-winter is just around the corner. If interest in cryptocurrencies falls, do you think it could have a negative impact on XQR?

I’m sure the upcoming crypto-winter won’t affect the project’s advancement. This is an IT start-up, not a crypto task. Cryptocurrency is no more than simply one of the tools in XQR.

It’s members of the crypto community who must fear a crypto-winter. We’re concentrated on a larger audience.

Are you working out the listing of the project’s token on major exchanges?

Yes, we are working out with major trading platforms. For instance, our token will appear in the Coinsbit listing, but we are communicating with numerous other major exchanges in parallel. We will gradually go into various trading platforms and crypto-wallets.

Can XQR be called the future of socials media? Will projects like this have the ability to displace giants like Facebook and LinkedIn gradually?

I think we are the future of social media networks that has currently arrived. We have actually placed XQR as a social media network. We currently have more than 3,000 users. At the very same time, unlike other social networks, you can earn cryptocurrency in XQR.

As far as displacing other platforms is concerned, this is more a concern of how well other market individuals adapt. It’s possible that giants like Facebook and LinkedIn will become XQR partners in the future.

XQR includes a number of modules, including a market, a wallet, and others. What new tools could appear on the platform in the near future?

We choose to keep this info trick since numerous market participants, including our competitors, are already watching us. I don’t desire other platforms to steal XQR technologies.

Possible XQR users and other interested celebrations will have the ability to learn about updates to our job from news release.