November 26, 2022

Mozilla Co-Founder Calls Crypto Donors Planet-Incinerating Ponzi Grifters

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The San Francisco-headquartered non-profit organization – – Mozilla Foundation – which supports the development of the Firefox internet browser, revealed accepting donations in Dogecoin (DOGE) utilizing BitPay. While the broader community didn’t react well, the harshes critic was none aside from one of its co-founders.

Mozilla Co-founder is Not a Crypto Fan

In a fierce Twitter thread, Jamie Zawinsk, aka JWZ, blasted the browser maker for accepting “world incinerating cryptocurrency donations.” The factor behind his extreme words is the ecological effect of these digital assets – – a common criticism.

For context, JWZ co-founded Mozzila in 1998 and also coined the term “Mozilla” prior to leaving the job a year later. Mozilla went on to launch the popular Firefox internet browser in 2004.

However, it wasn’t until a decade later that it began accepting cryptocurrency donations through Coinbase. Over the next couple of years, Mozilla included other cryptocurrencies for contributions – – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and so on”A God Damned Planet Killer”

Zawinski is presently a club owner. But that hasn’t stopped the previous programmer from engaging with the tech world. In fact, he even has a Dunning-Krugerrands tag on his blog for cryptocurrency-related posts.

And he has some severe words for the crypto industry. In one of the posts, Zawinski discusses that the business model of the crypto industry is “impractical and ham-handed if it was a villain on Captain Planet: they manufacture just POLLUTION, nothing else, and they turn that into cash.” He goes on to include,

“They call it a ‘‘ currency’ but the only thing you can do with it pays ransom after your computer system was hacked! You can’t even utilize it to buy pornography! And make no mistake, if you can’t utilize a thing to purchase porn, that thing is not a currency. Cryptocurrencies are Itchy & & Scratchy Money.”

Here’s what Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus had to say about the entire fiasco:

However, cryptocurrency isn’t the only sector he protests. When inquired about his views on Web 3.0, Zawinski responded:

“There are no technicals, it’s a buzzword looking for a definition, and the meaning most are latching onto appears to be “but what if more cryptocurrency???”