September 30, 2022

Mixin to supply staking services to Avalanche community as validator

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Mixin Network, a layer-2 PoS platform bringing speed and scalability to the blockchain, announced today it has actually integrated with Avalanche. Starting the collaboration, Exin, among the most active designer teams in the Mixin community, and which owns the popular staking item ExinPool, will sign up with the Avalanche validator node ecosystem to offer secure and trusted staking and node services to the neighborhood.

The Avalanche Protocol is an open-source DeFi blockchain platform created with high throughput, low latency, quick finality, and scalability. Smart contracts can be verified in less than 1 2nd and support a full set of Ethereum development toolkits while supporting independent verifiers to get involved as miners.


ExinPool is dedicated to build the Avalanche community and collectively promote network stability and decentralization. Users can participate in the Avalanche ExinPool node through the entryway on Mixin Messenger to get stable returns.

About ExinPool:

  • All ExinPool nodes have a queuing system for signing up with and leaving (overlooking the guideline that the 14-day locked period for staking), supplying exceptional liquidity and permitting users to participate in staking with zero thresholds and make stable returns.
  • Now, ExinPool is motivating the neighborhood to take part in node co-construction and benefit from the early-bird benefits in the early stages of the Avalanche node. Presently, the AVAX staking annualized percentage rate (APR) has to do with 10.08%.
  • Users taking part through ExinPool can take pleasure in super-high node revenue dividends while getting extra AVAX, BTC, and EPC benefits during the project period. This will substantially boost the rate of return (short-term APR is close to 15%, special of the additional BTC, EPC benefits).

Details of the early-bird benefits are as follows:

  • 99% of node staking benefits will be gone back to each node individual daily.
  • Per every 10 AVAX staked, individuals will receive a reward of 0.001 AVAX daily for 3 months. Keep in mind: The optimum benefit of 1 AVAX per day is for the first 10,000 AVAX participants.
  • There will be a BTC bonus distribution to participants, with an everyday BTC reward of 100 Satoshi for every 10 AVAX from the participant lasting for one month.
  • In addition, those who take part in ExinPool AVAX nodes will get an EPC perk: every 10 AVAX staked, participants can earn 10 EPC each day lasting for one month.
  • Follow-up activities that may be introduced: ExinPool users who stake AVAX with ExinPool could get LP Token, which can be used for trading, mortgage, lending, etc.
  • . Note: The returns and bonus offers are distributed through ExinPool, with no deal charge.

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