December 6, 2022

MicroStrategy CEO Introduced Bitcoin to Over 6900 Enterprises on His Latest Event

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Michael Saylor’s crusade to bring the Bitcoin gospel to as numerous entrepreneurs around the world as possible seems to be paying off, with thousands of people going to listen to his message at various virtual conferences.

And it appears his latest call was particularly effective. In a tweet dated February 6, the popular business owner exposed that more than 22,000 individuals signed up for his “MicroStrategy World 2021” occasion. During this event, he discussed several topics connected to Bitcoin, from legal and financial perspectives to his business technique.

Of these 22,000 people registered, Saylor claimed that more than 8,000 attended his ‘‘ Bitcoin for Corporations’ program particularly. This implies that 6,917 had an interest in listening to Saylor speak about the world’s biggest cryptocurrency and its capacity for the market.

Michael Saylor: The Corporate Bitcoin Evangelist

The numbers just show those who participated in the live stream, however Saylor wants his message to reach everyone. To that end, he opened access to his Bitcoin lectures to anyone interested. MicroStrategy’s Corporate playbook and its approach to Bitcoin are likewise available for viewing and analysis.

Saylor’s ambitions with this event were high, however the audience response surpassed his expectations. Even before the occasion, the MicroStrategy CEO was pleased with the “frustrating” response from the audience.

Michael Saylor became popular in the circle of crypto lovers after a series of huge purchases of Bitcoin as part of his business method. The most recent major statement involved the issuance of $650 million in financial obligation to buy Bitcoin. This cost the business a score downgrade according to Citi’s threat analysis – – but also generated MicroStrategy numerous countless dollars in earnings.

MircroStrategy spiked thanks to its Bitcoin Strategy
MircroStrategy’s stocks grew after its investments in Bitcoin. Image: TheMotleyFool After that he kept “buying the dip,” increasing MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin holdings when numerous hodlers were panicking and speaking about a market crash.

And it’s not just MicroStrategy; Saylor himself also has a substantial bitcoin stash: His personal portfolio holds over $230 million in Bitcoin, according to recent disclosures.

And in addition to buying BTC, Saylor has actually taken it upon himself to speak about the cryptocurrency at every possible chance. In fact, tweets about Bitcoin account for about 90% of his overall interactions up until now in 2021.

A Possitive Influence

Michael Saylor’s actions might have had a positive effect on the Bitcoin environment. From a financial standpoint, his company’s huge purchases at such a quick pace developed a supply imbalance that put upward pressure on costs as there was insufficient BTC for the remainder of the market makers.

Likewise, MicroStrategy was a bellwether company within the wave of institutional financial investments entering into the Bitcoin community throughout the last 2 quarters of 2020. Investments from big corporations such as PayPal, Square, MicroStrategy, Grayscale, etc., contributed to speeding up Bitcoin’s development that had actually been slow however consistent because late March – – after the market crash.

And considering the enormous attendance on his newest Bitcoin occasions, it seems that Saylor’s new enthusiasm will keep assisting the BTC community with or withoutany financial investment.