September 30, 2022

Miami’s Mayor: Bitcoin Has The Ability to Peacefully Eradicate Communism

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Francis Suarez – – the mayor of Miami– thinks bitcoin is the most serene transformation of our times. He added that some of its most substantial benefits are the capability to “eradicate” communism, the “extraordinary power to liberate individuals,” and the possible to democratize their choices.

Bitcoin’s Superpowers

Francis Xavier Suarez– Miami’s mayor since 2017– is undoubtfully an eager supporter of the cryptocurrency industry and, more particularly, bitcoin. Apart from being a holder, he recently revealed he will get his income totally in BTC.

Throughout a recent episode of “What Bitcoin Did” whit Peter McCormack, Suarez discussed why the main digital asset is so important and how it can help the economy in the ongoing financial crisis.

He stated bitcoin’s most considerable benefit is its ability to develop a system of exchange where people are exempt to the “wild inflation and wild devaluation through usually corrupt actors.”

As such, it is no wonder that numerous countries in Central America, South America, and Africa are thinking about embracing the possession as legal tender, Suarez kept in mind.

“Bitcoin has an incredible power to in harmony eradicate communism in the world, liberate people and equalize their choices,” he concluded.

Francis Suarez
Francis Suarez, Source: MiamiNewTimes Another major opportunity that the cryptocurrency grants to mankind is the capability to have a “ideal to get a return.” Today’s monetary system remains in total chaos, caused generally due to the fact that of the speeding inflation, the mayor explained. In reality, he doubted that the current rate in the USA is somewhere in between 6% and 7% and opined that it might be in the series of 10-15%.

This means that if individuals put their cash in a savings account, they will get zero interest, and in one year, those funds will deserve less. Having that said, investors ought to assign at least a few of their funds in bitcoin because it is a hedge versus inflation, Suarez discussed.

Lots of other prominent names, including Paul Tudor Jones, Anthony Scaramucci, and Jordan Peterson, support the mayor’s thesis.

Bitcoin Will Create Fiscal Discipline

Suarez continued by stating that BTC does not represent a danger to politicians. No matter the political views, all leaders need to welcome the property and thus “bring balance to their economy.” In his view, BTC might produce fiscal discipline as governments can not print more of it and can not corrupt it like fiat currencies.

Throughout the years, the USA has used different resources to stay on top. The country has also always aimed to develop monetary advantages for the rest of the world. Nowadays, it needs to open its arms towards bitcoin to continue its agenda, he suggested.

‘‘ China Has Done Us a Huge Favor’

Subsequently, Suarez touched upon the total ban on bitcoin mining which China enforced previously this year. He sees this as anticipated since the most-populated nation has a communist government, which wishes to be in charge of everything.

However, by doing so, China has done a “big favor” for the States, Suarez specified. He described that BTC mining develops job opportunities as many companies because field are located in rural areas where people are bad and unemployed.

Another good idea coming from China’s ban is that now bitcoin mining is focused primarily in the USA, where many firms utilize renewable resource and are much more green-focused than China.