December 6, 2022

Interest In NFT Grows As Google Searches Reach Record Highs

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Although the non-fungible token (NFT) sector is not new, it has seen a huge appeal boost this year. Developers are delighted about this interesting new method to generate income from their work. Everyone wants to know more about it and how to get in on it.

NFTs have been integrated into virtually every industry. From fast-food franchises like Burger King to social media giants like Facebook’s Metaverse, and even sports.

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As its growth continues, recent informationprograms that the variety of NFT-related Google searches has actually reached a brand-new all-time high.

The number of NFT searches on Google has reached previous highs in March and between August and September this year. However, this month, the searches have surged to a new record. At the time of composing, the number of Google searches for NFTs is even higher than popular meme coin Dogecoin.

This spike occurred after crypto data aggregator, CoinGecko announcedan approaching NFT conference.

The NFT Conference Of The Year

CoinGecko just recently revealed its inaugural NFT conference dubbed “GeckoCon– NFTs Gone Wild.” The virtual conference, which will start in a few hours, will go on for three days – – from Wednesday to Friday. According to the announcement, the conference will combine “key minds and voices of the NFT area to inform enthusiasts on the now and future of all things non-fungible.”

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The occasion will cover different NFT themes, consisting of art, music, antiques, gaming, sports, and money making.

CoinGecko likewise revealed a remarkable list of speakers that will be sharing NFT insights at the conference. In attendance will be founders of digital assets – – Sandbox, Enjin, Illuvium, and Akoin. The Chief Operating Officer of the popular crypto exchange,, is likewise a speaker. The list likewise includes an array of Artists, Musicians, Developers, Writers, and CEOs.

Google Searches For NFTs Surge

Following CoinGecko’s conference statement, Google’s keyword search data shows that interest in non-fungible tokens has reached record levels. Currently, the NFT interest chart displays a peak interest of 100.

NFT Search Trend

 Source: Google Trends According to the information, Asian countries top the chart, with China showing the greatest search interest of 100. Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines subsequently follow at 60, 52, and 46 respectively.

Regardless of citizens' interest, the Chinese federal government, in September, alerted versus NFTs. They claimed that it was a big bubble, and the worth would ultimately decrease. This sought 2 of the country's greatest tech business went into the sector.

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