October 2, 2022

HYVE PancakeSwap Listing Date & BSC Bridge

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[NEWS RELEASE – – Please Read Disclaimer]

The HYVE ERC-20 token will be listed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a HYVE BEP-20 token. The HYVE token can be altered cross-chain, from Ethereum to BSC.

“Not just are we releasing the bridge to enable people to easily change their tokens, we are also listing HYVE on PancakeSwap and offering initial liquidity as assured. Thinking about the recent boost in volume on PancakeSwap due to the ETH gas problems, we believe this will permit our users to have a much better overall trading experience.”

The listing will occur today. The CEO of HYVE has said the following in concerns to the listing:

“Once the listing occurs, we will lock the liquidity as we finished with the liquidity supplied on UniSwap. We will be providing approximately $400K in liquidity on PancakeSwap; this number might differ a bit depending on the exact currency exchange rate on Wednesday, so we will be upgrading this number after the TXid has actually been made.”

The Circulating Supply will not increase as a direct result of the listing. All the tokens that are being put on PancakeSwap are already in circulation.


Changing HYVE ERC20

to HYVE BEP20 HYVE will be providing their own bridge so that people can quickly change their ERC20 HYVE tokens to BEP20 HYVE tokens, which will be published in an unique section on their site.

The user friendly interface will help users exchange their tokens flawlessly and easily, after which they will be able to utilize PancakeSwap straight.

What is HYVE?

HYVE is a community-governed environment that solves the current problems in the global freelance and labor force market. The platform leverages the power of decentralized innovations while adding new features and mechanics that are non-existent on any present platform.

In easy terms, the HYVE Ecosystem is indicated to solve typical issues present in centralized solutions while promoting a collaborative environment.

By recognizing a lot of the present problems with freelancing platforms, HYVE designed efficient solutions that could take the existing market size to brand-new heights. With existing platforms, the fees usually represent 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost. Nevertheless, by carrying out transactions with HYVE tokens, the charge is 0%, and paying with Ether or other tokens will charge a little 0.5% fee.

Moreover, with the platform being governed by the neighborhood and by utilizing a decentralized system, HYVE managed to get rid of every existing predisposition that creates a prospective dispute and significantly enhanced the users’ security through P2P file encryption storage.

To find out more on HYVE and the PancakeSwap listing, make sure to check out the links below.

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