November 26, 2022

How to Make the Most Out of Changelly’s Affiliate Program

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At first glance, affiliate programs seem like the simplest method to make some money on the side– just paste a link someplace on your web page and watch the earnings roll in. However, your affiliate income can turn out to be rather underwhelming if you don’t appropriately prepare your platform and set up your affiliate tools.

There are many methods for optimizing your affiliate revenue– one of the easiest ones, obviously, is to register for as many programs as possible. However, this may not be an excellent fit for everyone and can be rather problematic to perform in reality.

Unless you’re an individual or a business that concentrates on marketing products or has a ton of platforms, each of them including a different location or market, we would recommend concentrating on just a couple of affiliate programs at the very same time. And once you pick what programs you would like to deal with, it’s time to guarantee you make the most out of them!

Changelly’s affiliate program benefits you for each transaction your users make through our service, be it through a widget put on your platform or directly on our website or in our app. When a user clicks on your affiliate referral link/banner/button and gets rerouted to our website, they will be immediately considered your referee, and you will receive a commission from every exchange and purchase they make on Changelly.

Attracting New Referees

There are two primary ways to increase your affiliate earnings: get brand-new individuals to become your referees and ensure that those you refer make as many deals as possible.

Bring in new referees is fairly simple– it needs using almost the very same tactics as increasing your ad profits and CPM. After all, at their core, referral links and banners are nothing more than ads.

Here are some things you can do to increase the number of individuals who click on your links and become your referees.

  • Increase your traffic. This one is a no-brainer. The more visitors your page has, the more individuals there will be who can possibly click one of your links. You can bring in a larger audience by advertising your platform, optimizing your website for search engines, producing more and much better material, and so on.Mix and
  • match different affiliate tools. Users are more likely to click on ads they have not seen prior to, so it can be a good idea to experiment with various types of tools. Some healthy better with certain types of platforms– for instance, crypto services like wallets or trading platforms can gain from using our widget a lot more than blogs.Test various bannerand button positionings. Scroll maps and eye-tracking research study reveal that there are places that users are most likely to look at when browsing the Web. Often, getting more clicks can be as simple as moving all your banners from the left side of your websites to the right one.Personalize your affiliate tools. Although we provide some stock banner designs,
  • we considerably motivate our affiliate partners to request their own individualized ones. Our designers are always pleased to envision your styles and mottos and produce banners that will completely suit your platform. Getting Your Referees to Make More Transactions Having a lots of referees is obviously excellent, but is it actually that rewarding? We have actually seen many cases when our affiliates would bring in a great deal of users to our platform however would barely get anything

    out of it. It is necessary to target users who will actually make exchanges and purchases on Changelly. Otherwise, your profit will not be as high as it has the prospective to be. Match the ads to the content. We have actually listed over 160 cryptocurrencies on our platform, but not all users will be interested in all of them. If your platform is intended for crypto novices, you can develop buttons

    • and links that cause specific beginner-friendly exchanges, such as BTC/ETH. Furthermore, if you’re discussing a particular coin or token, you can produce a custom-made button that causes the purchase of the said cryptocurrency.Avoid ad oversaturation. If you select to deal with numerous different affiliate programs (and you should if you want to increase your passive earnings ), attempt not to partner with platforms that provide similar services.
    • Users might be less likely totrust your suggestions if they see that. No sly advertisements. Recommendation links are called a universal tool for a great reason– they can be concealed almost anywhere, including places like video time out buttons. Nevertheless, we do not advise utilizing techniques like this since users that click such
      • concealed links tend to get irritated. So, they are much less most likely to connect with the platform you’re marketing, especially if it supplies financial services like Changelly.Redirect users to our blog site. If your platform is instructional in nature, you can speak to us about getting links to our blog rather of our immediate exchange. Lots of posts in our blog reroute users to our exchange and might increase the probability of your users buying/exchanging crypto on Changelly.Be truthful. That is, of course, if you select to discuss us. This is most likelythe best and the most crucial thing you ought to do to guarantee your referees in fact use Changelly and bring you revenues. Be clear about what our platform does, what costs we charge, and what services we provide. By doing this, users who click your recommendation link will really
      • increase your earnings by using our service. Some Tips on How You Can Advertise Changelly is a beginner-friendly immediate exchange platform that does not keep user funds, has an uncomplicated registration process that isn’t required for making transactions, and has an extraordinary 24/7 support group with a sub-one-minute action time. Our platform is best for crypto newbies or users who don’t wish to deal with

      the inconvenience of running on a full-featured exchange. It is a quick and simple way to get any crypto you desire. Please note that there are some nations where we do not operate– you can discover them listed in our Terms of Use(stipulation 5.1.3). In addition to our platform itself, you can also advertise our blog site, which is perfect for beginners as

      well: we publish a lots of instructional posts on all things crypto, analyze a few of the most recent crypto news, and post cost forecasts. The latter is our most popular type of material– rate predictions constantly get the most traffic and reroutes to our exchange platform. If you own a crypto blog site or news platform, we would also suggest putting Changelly’s affiliate tools in either instructional or analytical posts. Our Affiliate Tools There’s a lot to state about our affiliate tools, but the very best way to see which one would fit your platform is just to evaluate them all. Some are inherently better than others when it pertains to particular platform types– for instance, there’s merely no way to utilize widgets on social media websites. Each tool has its own

      pointers and tricks that can maximize the earnings it will attend to you. Please note, nevertheless, that we can just give some general suggestions as no 2 platforms are the very same.

      Referral Links Perfect for: social media influencers, bloggers, basically everybody< img src=""alt="tool-link"class="wp-image-68307 "width ="383"height="71"srcset=" 868w, 770w"sizes="(max-width: 383px)100vw, 383px"/ > Referral links are most likely universal: this affiliate tool can be used anywhere, by anybody. Technically, the other two redirect-type tools we offer– buttons


      Perfect for: crypto services, news outlets


      Widgets are probably the fanciest tool we provide. They serve as a mini (or huge, you can choose what size you desire it to be) version of our exchange readily available directly on your platform. They are best for crypto services like crypto wallets, games, or NFT marketplaces that need users to own crypto but don’t offer any ways of exchanging or purchasing it by themselves.

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