November 26, 2022

How To Earn on DeFi In 2022 And Avoid Hidden Pitfalls

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The decentralized financing (DeFi) market opens plenty of opportunities. We are sharing how to securely utilize the instruments of the specific niche to grow profits.

How to make on DeFi

The essential principle of decentralized finance is the absence of the necessity of middlemen. In the DeFi arena, there is no room for traditional banks with huge fees and interest rates that monetary organizations can hold as market monopolists.

Also, decentralized financing permits users to remain anonymous and “make” money work successfully.

The development of the DeFi popularity can be observed on the graph that reveals the total value of properties secured the projects of this section:

Total value(USD )locked in DeFi projects. Source: DeFi Pulse There are 2 techniques towards earning on DeFi. Let’s discuss both choices: 1. Providing liquidity Most of the DeFi protocols need assets for functional activity. The easiest and fastest way to launch a product is to draw in liquidity from the marketplace participants. Let’s explore it by drawing on the example of a DeFi app that is focused on supplying loans. Here is how it works:

  • Developers offer market individuals to lock in assets for the new DeFi application’s requirements.
  • With the locked-in properties, the job’s creators begin to approve interest-bearing loans.
  • Developers share the earnings made on the loans’ interest with the liquidity suppliers.

Comparable mechanisms are utilized by decentralized crypto exchanges that need liquidity to satisfy the marketplace individuals’ needs.

Intriguing! Among liquidity providers, the yield farming community has emerged. The goal of “farmers” is to quickly move assets amongst protocols to maximize earnings.

2. Investments in the DeFi projects’ tokens

Lots of decentralized procedures have their native token. The cryptocurrency cost motion frequently reflects the task’s position on the market. This distinctive feature helps financiers to earn on the tokens of the DeFi procedures.

For instance, users that purchased UMI coins from the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap succeeded in getting tenfold yields on their preliminary investments in just 4 months.

Price motion chart for the cryptocurrency UNI by the task Uniswap. Source: TradingView There are likewise plenty of other tokens from the

decentralized financing section that assisted their investors with getting revenues. Top-5 cryptocurrencies by capitalization in the DeFi section. Source: CoinMarketCap Regrettably,

financial investments in DeFi typically feature particular difficulties. Let’s dive into them for a detailed review. Decentralized market concerns Most of the most popular DeFi protocols do not yet support all the languages. For instance, amongst the top-5 decentralized protocols just one — Uniswap– is truly multilingual. This may lower the number of active users of the platforms.

Top-5 DeFi protocols by the volumes secured for the task’s needs. Source: DeFi Pulse

There are also other surprise risks that prevent entryway into the DeFi market for possible investors. Among mistakes, there are the following problems:

  • Complicated technical component. DeFi market entry might be challenging for the non-tech-savvy user.
  • Lack of technical support in regional languages. If investors would need support, they would have to address the demand in the jobs’ native languages. Moreover, the language barrier might cause prospective losses if an investor did not understand all the details correctly.
  • Limited performance. Users frequently have to make use of third parties resources and tools that bring extra operational expenses.

With the growing impact of those concerns, the DeFi market began to produce tasks that are providing solutions. Among such projects is BaksDAO. The job team worked on the main discomfort points that users face throughout the entrance to the decentralized financing market.

How BaksDAO helps to prevent risks in DeFi

BaksDAO is a multifunctional decentralized financing platform with its own stablecoin BAKS and the governance token BDV. Intended to be an international player, the project deals with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain that offers high traffic capability and low commissions. The safety of the platform was validated by the Solid Proof specialists throughout the audit.

Among BaksDAO benefits, there are the following functions:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface with which even new gamers can go into the DeFi market and start earning.
  • Transparent instruments for possession management. The BaksDAO designers emphasize that it is possible to earn profits in the platform while holding controls over the possessions in your own hands.
  • BaksDAO opens a lot of chances for its users. Amongst its functions, there is a possibility to earn on granting loans. Likewise, users can take open payday credits in BAKS with low interest and exchange properties.

This being said, the BaksDAO developers formed the platform for project development beforehand thanks to elaborated financial investment schemes and social promos. For example, the team distributes roughly a quarter of the project’s profit in eco-initiatives. This fact puts the job amongst socially considerable projects.


BaksDAO streamlines market entrance by damaging the language barrier and uniting numerous services under the roof of a multifunctional platform with an instinctive and user-friendly user interface.