October 3, 2022

How Did Bitcoin’s “Big Week” Turn Out?

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Bitcoin has actually had a huge week this past week. With the brand-new all-time highs and the VanEck Spot ETF rejection, it is intriguing to see how the market has reacted to these. VanEck had filed its ETF with the SEC and on Friday, it returned the dreadful rejection. The reason offered for the rejection was that there wasn’t sufficient confidence that financiers would be secured when purchasing the fund.

After the rejection, the marketplace was expected to react negatively. Nevertheless, to much surprise, bitcoin had simply brushed this off and continued on its merry way. It speaks volumes to the durability of the digital property in times like this when a major ETF rejection stopped working to tank the cost. Much has taken place considering that VanEck received the rejection.

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VanEck Moves Forward

After getting the rejection for the Spot Bitcoin ETF, VanEck had actually subsequently gotten approval for its futures ETF. The fund had begun trading on Tuesday on the CBOE to much anticipation. But trading in the fund was not too impressive compared to the ProShares ETF trading which had begun in October. Nonetheless, VanEck has actually progressed from the rejection therefore has the market.

Chart showing market movement after VanEck Spot bitcoin ETF rejection

 Market shakes off VanEck rejection|Source: Arcane Research Other funds are still filing for a Spot Bitcoin ETF though. Among those is Grayscale which is planning on turning its bitcoin fund into an area ETF. The VanEck rejection has shown other funds that they require to do more due diligence, indicating that there is more comprehensive research being done to back the claims in area ETFs from other asset managers like Fidelity and Bitwise.

The market did not exactly react the method financiers were expecting. Bitcoin did not decline following the news on Friday. Rather continue to mark healing patterns in the exact same period.

Bitcoin price chart from TradingView.com

 BTC rate begins recovery |

Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com Bitcoin Moves Into Consolidation Given that the rejection, bitcoin has actually since fallen back into its consolidation variety. After hitting a new all-time of $69K, the digital asset had actually fallen back into the low $60,000 s, with support at $60K. The next closest resistance was put at $67,000 however the property would not have an opportunity to evaluate this resistance as it had fallen listed below $60,000 in the early hours of Wednesday.

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With the fall below $60K, the next assistance level is at $58,000. Nevertheless, BTC has been known to break through multiple support levels in one go, so it is necessary to have this in mind when making choices going forward.

Because BTC appears to have reached a vital rate point, it is no surprise that the marketplace is experiencing some drop. Traders will offer a few of their holdings to realize gains and this will translate to struggling costs for a while. However, the property still looks relatively strong on the charts, recommending that healing from the dip is not too away.

Included image from Investopedia, chart from TradingView.com