December 6, 2022

GameZone Brings A “Game Pass” To Blockchain Games, IDO Launches September 30th

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Blockchain video gaming is one of the most popular patterns in the broader cryptocurrency environment; everybody can make money with these video games, although some will require a rather high upfront investment. GameZone is an advanced task in the blockchain gaming segment and will elevate the cross-chain interoperability of games.

The Power of Blockchain Gaming

Previously this year, it became apparent how much capacity there is when integrating video gaming with blockchain innovation. As computer game remain among the fastest-growing markets – – currently valued at over $162 billion – – it is a premier entrance for individuals of all ages. Additionally, it is an alternative type of entertainment one can access through numerous gadgets, including smart phones and tablets.

For blockchain designers, gaming provides a chance to reach a worldwide audience. Developing a computer game with cryptocurrency assistance has actually proven fairly simple. Effective projects today include Axie Infinity, Farmers World, Devikins, and lots of others. These video games often introduce a collectible element, integrated with fight – – in PvE or PvP mode – – and a built-in system to boost your characters or create totally new ones. Furthermore, they introduce a play-to-earn model that isn’t present in other computer game.

Taking Axie Infinity as an example, it is a game the users can use their computer system or mobile device. Gamers earn in-game currencies to breed brand-new beasts or enhance existing ones. All in-game possessions are non-fungible tokens, which one can trade easily on the market. Empowering the player and putting them in total control of in-game possessions and monetization is an extreme method. However, it can change numerous lives, as playing video games can become an earnings source for anybody.

A recent Blockchain Game Report confirms there is continuous growth in the industry. More special active users find their way to blockchain video games. That development is likely to increase for the foreseeable future, although the industry can gain from substantial improvements, such as cross-chain assistance. GameZone may hold the response to this pressing matter.

The GameZone Suite of Services

The GameZone team targets the blockchain video gaming market by using a new community-owning launchpad. Gamers who purchase games through this launchpad will own part of the video game they support. Therefore, anyone can become the hero of their own story, producing a much deeper connection between game designers and the people playing their video games. Furthermore, the launchpad equalizes access to in-game properties and tokens early, rather than reserving that right for whales, investor, and other financiers.


As blockchain video gaming typically revolves around Metaverses, a different technical approach may show required. Players can gain access to promising video games across various blockchains through GameZone, consisting of Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Velas, Polygon, and others. It is a “long-term season pass” for blockchain games, with early access to brand-new video games before anybody else does. A cross-chain direct exposure to play-to-earn blockchain video games will enhance the potential of specific tasks and make sure there is a growing gamer base from the first day.

Projects tapping GameZone for their launch will gain from various solutions. It doesn’t matter if it’s an early-stage job or an established game. GameZone level 2 will assist nurtured projects to take advantage of numerous white-label options. Those options might consist of a decentralized marketplace, NFT loaning, revenue-sharing, onboarding modules, and more. GameZone’s team aims to develop an end-to-end option to catalyze the growth and development of blockchain video games.

It is also worth keeping in mind GameZone uses a Grant Program for up-and-coming blockchain video games. Developers developing a disruptive game or a solution with an innovative experience can secure financing and gain full access to BlueZilla’s comprehensive network and resources. That consists of legal, marketing, advisory, and technical options for every single phase of development.

Acquiring access to the BlueZilla network is a significant boon for any blockchain video game. The group has actually launched various effective tasks – – including launchpads for Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, and Velas – – and now focuses its attention on blockchain gaming. Speaking of VelasPad, the token launch for that platform recently yielded a 150x ROI for early investors. That confirms the team understands how to build an attractive solution that can bring more attention to an ecosystem.

$GZONE IDO On September 30

Getting access to GameZone’s native token ($GZONE) is possible through the upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on September 30th. Tokens will be sold for $0.005, and the team intends to achieve an initial market cap of $155,000. The maximum supply is 1 billion $GZONE, of which 11% are offered during the public sale. Tokens will offer access to a multi-tiered system that relies on staking.

Higher tiers include much better allowance bundles – – rarer BNFTs, more tokens, or other benefits. Additionally, $GZONE is a qualifier to participate in upcoming Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) and Initial NFT Offerings (INOs) through the launchpad.

$GZONE is a deflationary token that has a 7% charge on a sell order. 2 percent will be burned completely, with the remaining 5% rewarded to stakers. There is likewise an early unstaking fee of up to 25% to disincentivize token flipping. On the other hand, those who stake $GZONE make from the sell charges and receive benefits from those who unstake early.

$GZONE will release as a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain. Depending on user demand and energy, other chains may be thought about in the future.