December 6, 2022

From The Ground: Stephen DeLorme, A Hard-Core Bitcoiner, Talks To Salvadorans

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This From The Ground report is gold. Stephen DeLorme visited El Salvador and got the information we needed. He spoke to genuine individuals, experimented with different wallets, went to all sort of commerces. His story has plenty of the confusion and angst that being the leader carries. El Salvador is going where no nation has preceded. Its people are in for the flight, however, for the most part involuntarily and without adequate info. How would they know Bitcoin is the best property ever developed?

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However initially, who’s Stephen DeLorme? He’s “a designer and front-end designer dealing with Bitcoin.” He’s part of the Bitcoin Design Community that produced the incredible Bitcoin Design Guide we covered a while back. “I focus my efforts on crafting UX best practices for Lightning network applications. I got a grant from Square Crypto so that I would be able to deal with this full-time,” he tells us through his blog.

DeLorme’s Adventures In El Salvador

The story starts at El Salvador’s airport. He eats at a dining establishment there, and we right away observe that Bitcoin adoption is not as advanced as we believed. “I asked if I could pay with Bitcoin, and they stated no, so I opted for credit card.” In the federal government’s centers, they accept Bitcoin. Nevertheless, other difficulties wait for.

“My very first attempt to pay with Zeus stopped working– I do not entirely remember the error message I received, as I was more concentrated on browsing my with through Customs.

I whipped out Strike so that I would not hold up any lines. That worked immediately. She printed out a Chivo invoice for me.”

In the hotel, they need to call another employee for him to pay in Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the female who comes appears to know her stuff. “She whipped out a phone with Wallet of Satoshi and took my payment that method. We chatted for a couple of minutes about Bitcoin adoption in her nation. She described herself as “really pro-Bitcoin”. She said she was nervous when she first became aware of it, once somebody “took 3 minutes” to show her how to use a wallet, she was onboard with the idea.” Then, something magical occurs:

“I asked her how other people in the country felt. She said that she feels the people who are opposed to Bitcoin do not understand it. She also pointed out that there are many individuals who do not have access to smartphones in the nation; I stated something like “that should be frightening for them, if they seem like the remainder of the country is adopting this new thing without them and leaving them behind” and she concurred.”

Have you ever thought about that? It MUST be frightening for them. Think about that the next time you become aware of an Anti-Bitcoin demonstration.

BTCUSD price chart for 12/03/2021 - TradingView

 BTC cost chart for 12/03/2021 on Bitstamp|Source: BTC/USD on Emphasizes About DeLorme's First Days

  • He went to a Mi Primer Bitcoin Meetup and described the group as, "they are attempting to teach people how to utilize Bitcoin wallets in their lives." He likewise notify us that they're "suggesting Muun to many individuals for its simple UX."
  • DeLorme ruminates, "Some individuals have a difficult time separating their viewpoints about Bitcoin from their opinions about Nayib Bukele.
  • Some wallets displayed cam issues. "Their wallets might not seem to focus on the QR code for the LN billing from the waiter (who used IBEX Mercado). Surprisingly enough, their phones might focus on QR codes using other cam apps."
  • The commerces that accepted Bitcoin, generally did it through a different point of sale than all other payments. "A designated person who has a smart device and is trained to take the BTC payment, or perhaps a dedicated POS terminal separate from the other POS terminals."
  • Advice. "If you want to pay with bitcoin in El Salvador, reveal your objective at the start of the transaction, before the cashier has actually begun punching in your purchase at the POS."

The Source Of Salvadorans Fears About Bitcoin

This is an insight that clarifies a lot. It discusses a few of the apprehension Salvadorans have when it concerns Bitcoin. Apparently, when El Salvador adopted the Dollar:

"People were informed that colons and dollars would both be maintained as legal tender moving on. That wound up not holding true; the colon was eventually phased out. For lots of people who resided in SV during that time period, this restores bad memories."

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Are Salvadorans scared this might happen once again? They most likely are. However, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is Bitcoin. "Something that they think Chivo succeeds, which is show USD and BTC balances side by side. This helps people to easily comprehend that they can hold both dollars and bitcoin." Nevertheless, the issues that we showcased in a previous From The Ground report continue.

"Some have had concerns when sending from a non-custodial LN wallet to Chivo. One man explained sending from BlueWallet to Chivo. His funds are no longer in his wallet, however the Chivo wallet never ever got the funds."

As you can see, Stephen DeLorme is giving us nothing but gold. Return tomorrow for another dosage, this man's story is no place near over.

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