October 3, 2022

FireZard: Challenging Gaming Giants in the NFT Space

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Online gaming is certainly one of the fastest-growing markets on earth. It has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past years and has actually ended up being a field to be reckoned with.

TechJury reports that the international gaming industry is set to reach an appraisal of a massive $256.97 billion in the next three years. There are more than 2.5 billion individuals who play video games, and they have actually invested upwards of $4.5 billion on immersive video games until the year 2020 – – a number that makes sure to have actually grown a lot by now.

eSports, or in other words – – competitive online video gaming – – has actually grown to be a market with an audience of around 456 million people. Given that high-fidelity mobile video games are also growing, it’s no wonder that the industry is growing.

With this stated, 2021 was the year when non-fungible tokens (NFTs) took the world by surprise and blew up in appeal. Paired with blockchain-based gaming, they produced an incredible storm in the field of gaming that drew in some of the biggest names in the industry.

Major Companies Venturing into Blockchain Gaming and NFTs

Back in December 2021, CryptoPotato reported that the gaming market behemoth Ubisoft announced strategies to incorporate non-fungible tokens into its video games. Called ‘Digits,’ the NFTs contain their very own distinct serial numbers and are likewise tradeable on the cryptocurrency market.

At that time, the company shared that:

Ubisoft Quartz is a brand-new experience for our players, built upon our vision of creating an ever-greater connection between you and the game worlds you love. It targets at providing you more autonomy and agency when communicating with the in-game items that assist you craft your own story.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s beta on Windows was the first video game to see Digits available as in-game products like cars, weapons, and devices.

Later on, in February 2022, Nintendo likewise stated that it’s interested in NFTs and in the metaverse, including that they “feel the potential in this area.”

We do have interest in this location, we feel the capacity in this area, but we question what happiness we can provide, and it is difficult to specify right now.” – – The business apparently stated.

To put it simply, although appealing, there are still some unknowns when discussing blockchain-based video gaming. Nevertheless, brand-new gamers are getting in the field every day, and every one of them deals with some of the existing challenges in the industry. Among them is FireZard.


What is FireZard? Using the existing strengths of both NFTs and blockchain-based video gaming, FireZard aims to be the very first trading card video game that wishes to reward people passively and instantly while also providing them with the opportunity to gather and play with NFTs.

Each FireZard NFT comes with a distinct set of functions, and every card will be entirely unique with its own identifier that can only be owned by someone at a time. There are five rarity levels – – common, unusual, uncommon, incredibly unusual,

and ultra-rare. In essence, the video game is based on the lore of five different dragons, each one the leader of their own land. Their rivalry covers thousands of years, and it’s held on mountain tops, fields, oceans, caves, and naturally – – in the sky. These are also the leaders of the 5 components – – Fire, Ice, Plant, Electricity, and Water.

To start gathering FireZard cards, users need to exchange FLAME tokens for packs. This can be done one by one or, alternatively, exchange enough tokens for a pack of 10 cards at a time. One card can be summoned for 1500 FLAME, while a pack of 10 cards can be summoned for 10,000 FLAME. Considering that the price of FLAME will not depend on the rate of ZARD, it will not go through cost variation.

That being said, the most efficient way to collect FLAME is by staking ZARD; high amounts of ZARD staked translate to higher FLAME returns. In other words, the only variable that affects the quantity of FLAME earnt is the amount of ZARD staked.