December 6, 2022

Exploit in Larva Labs Meebits NFT Makes Rare Mints Printable at Will

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Although the Meebits provenance was supposed to be totally random, the revelation of this new make use of enables users to create NFTs worth numerous thousands of dollars free of charge (other than ETH gas). This exploit is still live.

Larva Labs: A Mainstay of the NFT World

Famous for CryptoPunks, Larva Labs have cemented their legacy as leaders in the NFT area, producing generative art on Ethereum. CryptoPunks have sold for outrageous amounts – – sales have exceeded the million-dollar mark per NFT, with the most costly one being cost $7.57 M back in March of this year.

Their most current offering, Meebits, is a 3D NFT task, and the public sale (where Meebits were priced at 2.5 ETH) raised over $85M. The typical sale price on OpenSea for Meebits is over 5 ETH, with a number of uncommon Meebits selling for over 100 ETH.

The Exploit

An exploit in the Meebits agreement permits individuals to select the Meebit they wish to mint. Thus they can select rare ones, which are worth obscene quantities of money. This exploit is live, and numerous individuals are running contracts in an attempt to squeeze out the few remaining unusual Meebits.

An example contract is here. The minter sends out the mint function and can revert the transaction if an adequately rare Meebit isn’t found. This procedure is repeated until an unusual Meebit is discovered, and the contract owner then allows the mint to fully execute.

For a few thousand dollars in gas, they have now gotten an unusual Meebit worth numerous thousands and potentially millions. This exploiter effectively minted a rare Meebit, and has actually already sold it on OpenSea for 200 ETH ($700K+).

As an outcome, the group has paused neighborhood minting momentarily, according to a designer message from the main Discord channel.


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