September 30, 2022

Enjoy Jack Mallers Send $10 To El Salvador Via Twitter’s Lightning Tips

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This male Jack Mallers has a way of finding himself in the middle of historic deals. This time, the Strike CEO utilized the just recently revealed Twitter Tips Lightning combination to send out $10 immediately to San Salvador. The individual at the other end of the line then uses the money to buy coffee in an obscure independent coffeehouse. We’re witnessing the combination of one of the most significant social media networks on the planet with Bitcoin’s open monetary network.

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“In the above demonstration, I sent out a $10 suggestion from my home in Chicago, USA to my buddy David in San Salvador, El Salvador. The payment settled immediately for no charge. The particular, open, financial network that enabled me to send an instant, free, cross-border payment to David is the very same singular, open monetary network that permitted David to right away use that cash to purchase a cup of coffee at Starbucks as soon as he got the Twitter alert that I had actually sent him cash.”

BTCUSD price chart 09/25/2021 - TradingView

 BTC price chart for 09/25/2021 on Exmo|Source: BTC/USD on The previous time Jack Mallers found himself in the middle of a historic transaction

When Strike’s CEO sent $10 to Nigeria, he described that other deal in terms that also apply to today’s historic transaction.

“If you don’t see how huge this is, think about it as Jack Mallers does. He “didn’t have to sign up the transfer through a monetary intermediary such as Western Union, demand personal banking information of Bernard Parah, or wait days for the payment to settle.” On the other side, Bernard “didn’t owe any intermediary a portion of the transaction, the payment wasn’t reversible and settled quickly.”

Bernard Parah’s Bitnob and Strike are interoperable because they both joined the Bitcoin and Lightning open financial network. And now, Twitter and its countless users signed up with both of those companies and the network. This is enormous.

Likewise, the previous time Jack Mallers proclaimed, “Today, Strike became the best remittance choice from the US to Nigeria without even attempting.” This time, he feels a lot more confident:

“Twitter’s integration with the Strike API turns Twitter into among the best remittance experiences worldwide, among the best global developer markets in the world, among the best international payment experiences on the planet, among the very best international micropayment markets in the world, and permits a web interactions company to interoperate with the monetary requirement for the world, enabling international payments for their users.”


The Relationship Between Twitter And Strike On the Strike API’s main site, they explain the item as:

“Connect your organization to a global, immediate payments network. Markets utilize Strike’s API to allow payments between purchasers and sellers or fans and developers.”

When Bitcoinist revealed the combination of a Bitcoin and Lightning tip function on Twitter, we stated:

“Twitter made the statement today by means of an official business article, where it described that Twitter users frequently include links in their bios so followers can help support them. Now this is developed directly into Twitter.

Twitter has partnered with Jack Mallers’ Strike lightning wallet on the integration. As part of the Twitter Tips launch, Strike has debuted their Strike API platform to “serve marketplace and merchant businesses” like the social networks business.”

And in the pointed out article, Twitter elaborates:

“In addition to the services presently made it possible for through Tips, individuals can now flawlessly tip with Bitcoin utilizing Strike— a payments application constructed on the Bitcoin Lightning Network that permits individuals to send out and get Bitcoin. Strike offers instant and free payments globally.”

In this first model of Twitter’s Tip feature, you require a Strike account to receive ideas. That means, just people in the US and in El Salvador can get at the moment. Everybody, all over the world can tip them through a Lightning Network invoice, though.

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It’s a brand name new world out there. Twitter’s Lightning combination may be as big as El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption, as far as onboarding the next millions of users go.

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