December 6, 2022

Crypto property supervisor app ICONOMI includes assistance for automated trading

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ICONOMI, a platform for crypto-asset management, has revealed the launch of automated trading strategies. ICONOMI’s advanced trading engine now permits users to trade automatically throughout several exchanges, looking for the best rates and performing the order within specific algorithm specifications.

“This function brings a number of benefits to users that want to perform larger orders with a particular preferred algorithm. Utilizing automated trading on ICONOMI saves time and money in specific circumstances, where users need to execute large orders and do not have time or understanding to do so manually. Rather of simply positioning market orders and declining, users can use the ‘‘ Slow’ automated order and wait until the ICONOMI trading engine trades the large order.”
– – The ICONOMI Team Algorithms Currently

Offered Include: Slow( default )–

  • Places limitation orders(finest bid/best ask)and wait on them to get filled. If the price modifications during this process, the algorithm automatically places brand-new best bid/best ask limit orders. Medium – TWAP(time-weighted average price)algorithm
  • trades – fixed amounts of possessions over a set period of time. Fast – Places numerous limitation orders at the best market price over a much shorter time period. – < img loading="lazy" class="wp-image-103009 size-full"src =""alt =""width =" 655 "height ="498" srcset=" 655w, 434w, 300w"sizes =" (max-width: 655px) 100vw, 655px "/ > Users on ICONOMI can now execute single property trading using their new automated trading feature

    CryptoNinjas” Crypto property manager app ICONOMI adds assistance for automated trading