November 26, 2022

Crypto prime trading platform SFOX implements new user experience upgrades

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SFOX, a prime cryptocurrency trading platform, today revealed some current upgrades to its application. These brand-new executions include features that assist streamline and improve the user experience.

Check out the brand-new updates below:

Address Book

Users of SFOX can now quickly include withdrawal addresses and manage their address book from either the Addresses page or from the withdrawal flow. Searching for saved addresses by alias implies users never have to stress over copy and pasting addresses during a withdrawal again.

Depth Chart

Recently implemented efficiency updates will help SFOX’s visual tools to be more efficient in trading. Note, traders will not discover any brand-new visuals on the depth chart, however, the experience will be more active, with faster updates and less effort used by the internet browser.

Deposit Flow Asset Selector

There are now less clicks between a trader and their deposit. This will assist make it simpler than ever for a user to deposit into their SFOX account. Now, when making a deposit, users will have a sophisticated and hassle-free view of the top properties they are most likely to deposit – – rather of a single default worth.

Deposit flow now enhanced.

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