October 3, 2022

Crypto payments platform Cryptopay doubles revenue in 2020

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Cryptopay, a cryptocurrency payments platform, has announced its revenue stats for 2020 (with December stats to be included later). Even without December 2020’s calculations, the company reports a doubling of revenue in 2020 from 2019.

“Last year we set a plan for 2020 to see us reach the January 2018 revenue levels. We’re proud to say that we’ve doubled Cryptopay revenue this year and achieved our goal by October, hoping in December to take our revenue to the next level — an all-time-high. And we’re positive that this is still only the beginning — next year should see us reaching new heights.”
– The Cryptopay Team

2020 Revenue Stats Minus December (Euro)

Also a chart for ETH-based revenue share stats:

Cryptopay says December revenue is set to be higher than November and will be included in a forthcoming report.

Cryptopay 2020 Highlights:

  • Added automatic recurring purchases – a feature that allows users to buy automatically according to a chosen schedule.
  • Possible to link up to 3 bank cards and unlink them manually – allows users to switch between payments options easily.
  • Introduced more supported currencies on both sides of the process – cards that are used for purchases and Cryptopay accounts that offer users more coins to purchase.
  • Improved wallet’s functionality with a focus on efficiency and security – revamped the way miner fee is calculated for crypto withdrawals — now it adapts to the network.
  • Launched European card program – first, in the UK, and soon in all other EEA countries.

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