June 22, 2021

Crypto data platform Zabo integrates with portfolio tracker Kubera; deals ‘dead guy’s switch’ feature

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Zabo, a cryptocurrency information aggregator, today revealed a partnership with all-in-one portfolio tracker Kubera, to offer crypto account tracking throughout 60+ exchanges, wallets, and addresses.

Together with making it possible for users to track their cryptocurrencies along with their checking account, brokerages, and stocks; the collaboration brings a much-needed failsafe for crypto users: The dead male’s switch.

Kubera’s integration with Zabo lets users quickly established parameters to be set off if the worst takes place. Users can set Kubera to export their portfolio tracker to a near relative or partner.

For example, a user can program an export if there is no login within 45 days; or don’t respond to a text message within a defined amount of time. The guidelines can even be customized to detail specific instructions such as where to discover a private key or where a hardware wallet is stored.

Zabo and Kubera integrate, and now provide dead man’s switch and estate preparation for cryptocurrency utilizing Zabo

‘s cryptocurrency information aggregation API.

Zabo + Kubo Intergration “Our combination with Kubera not only pays for user-friendly all-in-one portfolio tracking; however makes it possible for a failsafe to safeguard cryptocurrency after the user has actually gone. With crypto investors often owning numerous wallet addresses, across several wallets, and preserving accounts with a number of crypto exchanges; being able to keep a record of their cryptocurrency holdings is of the utmost importance.”
–– Alex Treece, Co-Founder of Zabo

The Kubera platform makes it possible for users to manage all their conventional monetary accounts in a single user interface; allowing for a better understanding of total financial standing. Now, via Zabo’s extensive API network, Kubera users can access over 400 cryptocurrencies for a variety of crypto exchanges; consisting of, Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken, in addition to access to wallets such as TrustWallet, Trezor, Ledger, and KeepKey.

“We’re thrilled to be branching out further into the cryptocurrency sector. The demand to integrate a larger choice of cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and addresses indicated that Zabo was the apparent option of partner. We’re likewise very delighted to be filling a much-needed space in the market by instilling an efficient crypto-centric estate and recipient system.”
–– Rohit Nadhani Founder and CEO of Kubera

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