October 5, 2022

Coinone Exchange Steps Up Verification Requirements For Withdrawals, Issues Users An Ultimatum

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Beginning from January 2022, Korean-based crypto exchange Coinone has actually revealed it would no longer permit withdrawals of tokens to unverified external wallets.

Coinone Issues Ultimatum For Customers To Fall In Line With New Requirements

According to the Wednesday statement, Coinone states users need to register their external wallets with the exchange from December 30 to January 23. And after the warning is reached, Coinone would be stopping any such withdrawals. The exchange likewise kept in mind that although the verification process may take a while, users would just have the ability to register their wallets.

The new statement is an effort by Coinone to ensure that it counters all types of illicit activities that some crypto users may wish to mess around into.

According to Coinone, it’ll want to verify users’ identity along with their resident registration numbers, a number issued to every resident of South Korea. Simply put, customers should complete the Know Your Customer KYC prior to they can withdraw funds to their wallets.

Stronger KYC Gradually Becoming A Thing With Top Exchanges

Remember that in March, the South Korean federal government passed an expense into law that requires regional crypto exchanges to fulfill some requirements. While the exchanges were required to have a real-name account and ISMS authentication, they are also needed to give a complete declaration of all their operations within six months.

Furthermore, there’s another tax rule slated to work from January. Once it works, this rule will categorize crypto users with trading profits of $2300 and above, to be slammed with capital gains taxes.

But that’s not all. Several other exchanges like Bithumb, are likewise stepping up their verification process. Bithumb recently announced stronger KYC and has actually likewise put in place stricter Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks.

Surprisingly, however, Coinone is possibly going to continue accepting wallets provided by exchanges who have already adhered to KYC checks, including the similarity Binance, and FTX.

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