October 5, 2022

Charlie Munger Wished Cryptocurrencies Were Never Invented, Anyone Surprised? (Opinion)

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The digital property industry has marked a remarkable year up until now as many cryptocurrencies painted all-time high prices. Numerous professionals and public figures showed their support, highlighting the benefits of the asset class, while international organizations began diversifying their portfolios with bitcoin or some alternative coins.

Yet, Charlie Munger– Warren Buffett’s right-hand man– restated his hesitation as soon as again just recently by indicating that the buzz around them is “crazier than the dot-com bubble 20 years ago.” In addition, he swore never to buy the crypto market.

Why Is Munger Wrong about Crypto?

In a recent interview for the Sydney Herald, the 97-year-old Charlie Munger once again revealed he has no strategies to enter the cryptocurrency market. To him, the trend generated around bitcoin, ether, and the rest is much comparable to the Internet bubble between 1995-2000. At that time, investors rushed to pump cash into Internet-based startups, hoping that these fledgling business would soon turn a profit:

“I think the dot-com boom was crazier in terms of valuations than even what we have now. But overall, I consider this era even crazier than the dot-com age.”


Charlie Munger. Source: Yahoo The firms associated with the Internet bubble were indeed a target of mass attention, and lots of people invested more than they might afford at the time.

Nevertheless, some organizations such as Amazon and eBay handled to get rid of the subsequent bubble burst and now stand as giants in their field with millions of customers around the world and a steady structure. Surprisingly, SkyBridge Capital’s Anthony Scaramucci recently compared bitcoin to Amazon, forecasting a similar success story for the primary cryptocurrency.

It’s likewise worth noting that the company Munger spearheads alongside Buffett notoriously missed on investing early in both Amazon and Google – – a few of the most significant corporations in the world and, famously, part of the dot-com bubble times.

Munger– the Vice-Chairman of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway– went even further in his most current slamming fest, wanting the asset class “had never ever been developed.”

Cryptocurrencies, though, are seen by many as monetary instruments against increasing inflation, such as the one which the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent mass printing of fiat currencies caused. Currently, the inflation rate in the United States stands at around 6%, which implies that financiers holding to their dollars will lose a few of their purchasing capacity in the near future.

On the other hand, bitcoin has an established variety of coins ever to exist of 21 million. Hence, lots of legacy financiers designated funds to it to eliminate the growing inflation. Paul Tudor Jones and Stan Druckenmiller are simply a couple of examples.

The Chinese Crypto Ban Made BTC Stonger

Another subject that the American billionaire financier scratched throughout his appearance was the overall crypto ban that China imposed earlier this year. Unsurprisingly, Munger supported this relocation, while he was sorry for that the USA still enables regional investors to handle bitcoin and the altcoins.

“I think the Chinese made the right choice, which is to just prohibit them. My nation– English-speaking civilization– has made the incorrect choice.”

Shortly after the People’s Bank of China revealed the restrictions, bitcoin’s cost plunged significantly. Nevertheless, it was a relatively short-term correction. In the following months, the leading cryptocurrency reached an all-time high of nearly $70,000, meaning that the unfavorable Chinese position had a fairly little effect on BTC on a more macro scale. Lots of experts even opined this policy has worked in favor of the possession.

Katie Huan– a Partner at a16– stated the United States needs to see China’s crackdown as an opportunity. In her view, American financial regulators should do the precise opposite to what the most-populated nation did to improve the nation’s economy.

Edward Snowden– the popular whistleblower– also signed up with the list of individuals thinking the Chinese ban on BTC will in fact benefit the cryptocurrency.