September 30, 2022

Cardano Doubled The Reward For Hackers To Uncover Vulnerabilities In Its Blockchain

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The public blockchain platform Cardano states that it has doubled the payout for white hat hackers and bounty hunters that can recognize vulnerabilities or bugs in its wise contracts blockchain. The firm has revealed that this six-week promo, which will close on March 25, intends to keep “its companies and consumers safe.”

Cardano started six-week promotion recently and doubled the reward for bounty hunters and hackers to discover vulnerabilities in the Cardano community. $20,000 is the greatest quantity platform has actually provided to hackers for discovering important bugs in the network, beginning with February 14.

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Similarly, hackers determining the minor bugs in the Cardano nodes will receive a low quantity of $800.

On the other side, bounty hunters discovering crucial vulnerabilities in the Cardano Wallet will get a payout of $15,000 while $600 reward for those who discover less important vulnerabilities in the Wallet.

In August 2021, the foundation partnered with the white hat hackers’ platform, HackerOne, a vulnerabilities management firm that uses hackers to find defects and vulnerabilities to protect the financial ecosystems from attacks. Previously, the company offered $10,000 to find crucial vulnerabilities in its network while $7500 for recognizing important powerlessness in Cardano Wallet.

To improve the security check of its network, the Cardano Foundation has now doubled the bounty benefit for hackers to discover vulnerabilities in its blockchain.

Cardano Strengthens Its Platform

While describing the moto behind the promo, the platform has informed that it needs to work with the security community for discovering vulnerabilities points to “keep our organizations and consumers safe.” and added;

From this program, we intend to enhance the Cardano brand name through this public bug bounty program, covering vital items to gain access to and manage crypto possessions that are provided on the Cardano blockchain.

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The company also clarified that “the scope of the bug bounty program will not include any UI or basic performance bugs.” While identifying the type of bugs and vulnerabilities considered for a benefit, the foundation pointed out that these need to be sensitive. For instance, it includes recognizing mistakes that can trigger crashes and the attacks that might cause to decrease the blockchain quality.

Furthermore, the blockchain firm mentioned it desires hackers to uncover those locations that can be “an exploitable vulnerability,” opening a way for cybercriminals so that each finding can be organized to discuss “on a case-by-case basis.”

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Undoubtedly, crypto adoption is increasing quickly, and so is the crypto neighborhood. Therefore, the white hat hackers will play a vital function in combating against vulnerabilities and hacks continuously growing. To put it simpler, white hat hackers look for security loopholes or vulnerabilities that a black hat hacker/cybercriminal can use as its method to enter a job. Thankfully, white hat hackers are becoming popular in the crypto area due to everyday exploits.

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