October 5, 2022

ByBit Inks 3-Year Esports Sponsorship Deal with Astralis and Alliance

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Cryptocurrency trading platform, ByBit has inked a 3 year esports sponsorship deal with both Swedish esports company Alliance and Danish firm, Astrallis in its drive towards worldwide awareness. The deal, which models comparable relocations by FTX derivatives exchange is a testament to the growing tilt by significant crypto brokerages to the significance of esports.

Both Alliance and Astralis are huge names in the esports industry in the European Union. Alliance is a player-owned firm renowned for its participation in Dota 2. Previously a part of Amazon-owned GoodGame company, the firm became independent back in 2016. Astralis according to media platform Dexerto is traded on the Danish Nasdaq, and fronts skilled gamers who complete in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

“This is a significant deal for Astralis on all levels,” stated the org’s co-founder, Jakob Lund Kristensen. “At the same time, the function of the agreement and activation around it is nearly a best match with ours: to champion the positives of gaming.”

The sponsorship deal will see ByBit’s branding being displayed throughout the orgs’ jerseys, streaming overlays, and social networks channels. In addition, the exchange is on track to “take an active part” in carbon neutrality efforts, financial education, and arranging additional activations for the sponsorship.

ByBit in the Crypto Ecosystem

ByBit has an active representation in today’s digital currency environment. Coingape reported back in November 2020 the drifting of the firm’s derivatives items. In addition, ByBit launched a Cloud Mining item back in May, a product which enables anybody to mine Ethereum (ETH) from as low as $100.

ByBit is also rather prominent in the sports sponsorship arena. Besides attracting world’s top poker legends in its trading competitions, the company tattooed an international multi-year partnership with German football giant, Borussia Dortmund.

ByBit is not immune from the regulatory sweep that cryptocurrency exchanges are experiencing the world over. In one of its newest regulatory reactions, the firm closed all of its Chinese smart phone accounts as the federal government’s crackdown on Bitcoin mining and digital currency associated activities intensified back in May.

The recent collaboration with Alliance and Astralis further magnified the company’s push towards getting engrafted into the growing world of digital developments.

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