December 5, 2022

Blindex: Building a Currency-Blind DeFi Platform For Traders

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With the existing growth of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) area, it is pretty challenging to picture a crypto world without DeFi. At the time of composing this line, there were over 500 DeFi protocols in the market, and the number is expected to increase as the DeFi space continues to flourish. The majority of these tasks intend to resolve the imperfections of the traditional financial system while offering several earning chances for users.

But because cryptocurrencies are unstable and fiat currencies are unequal, DeFi users and Forex traders require defense against market dangers as they try to optimize their earnings. Sadly though, just a handful of DeFi jobs use such services.

Nevertheless, a new DeFi procedure has actually emerged to disrupt the traditional financial system and stabilize fiat currencies to protect and offer total decentralization to users.

What is Blindex?

Blindex is a leading multi-currency stablecoin DeFi platform that looks for to support worldwide fiat currencies in its mission to entirely decentralize conventional financial systems. The open-source procedure aims to end up being the future of Forex and the first multi-currency fractional-algorithmic stablecoin procedure.

The project is devoted to offering worldwide users with access to a relied on financial management platform that is completely decentralized. It has actually combined a number of innovative and familiar principles to develop its one-of-a-kind community.

The protocol intends to produce a set of stablecoins called BD-Stables geared up with numerous inherent technical abilities. The stablecoin style employed by Blindex was originated from the Frax procedure, the very first fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol.

How Does it Work?

The BD-Stables tokens will be totally decentralized and partly collateralized, accepting only BTC and ETH as security. The procedure likewise plans to support the costs of BD-Stables using specialized algorithms. These tokens are designed to fulfill the particular requirements of users in spite of their geographical place.

The BD-Stables are pegged to their underlying fiat currency equivalents and enable users from throughout the world to mint, redeem, swap, trade, and invest without being straight exposed to the currency when getting in or out of a trade. Some examples of these tokens are the BDUS stablecoin – – pegged to the USD, BDAU stablecoin – – pegged to the Australian dollar, and a lot more.

Features of Blindex

The platform offers features that make it interesting financiers, some of that include:

  • Censorship-Resistance

This is among the major selling points of the Blindex protocol, as all of its stablecoin options are completely detached from all centralized stablecoins. This makes it impossible for the protocol to be censored, blacklisted, or affected by any centralized authority.

  • Multi-currency Offering

Blindex measures up to its name by being currency-blind. The protocol views every currency as equivalent, both fiat and digital currencies. This currency-blindness makes it able to enable anybody from throughout the world to enjoy monetary liberty without the danger of exposure to currency price changes.

  • True Decentralization

Blindex is creating a community that is governed by the core principles of decentralization. Its stablecoins and infrastructural procedures are entirely decentralized. The tokens can only be collateralized with BTC and ETH.


The BDX Token Apart from the BD-Stables tokens, Blindex also has actually another token dubbed BDX, which is the procedure’s native cryptocurrency. BXD is the volatile, unsteady energy token that powers the procedure.

The BDX token holds governance rights in the Blindex environment. BDX holders can stake the tokens to get voting rights on crucial decisions that can impact the future of the project. Token holders can make recommendations on which new fiat currency to tokenize. This takes decision-making power away from Blindex designers and puts it in the hands of the Blindex community, promoting decentralization.

In addition to ballot rights, the BDX token carries out other utility functions such as changing deal charges, including and changing collateral pools, supplying discount rates on the collateral rate.

The Blindex team has actually developed BDX to have some of the innate properties of Bitcoin. The token’s overall supply is set to 21 million BDX at genesis. Nevertheless, the token is created to be deflationary in supply as the BD-Stables are minted at greater algorithmic ratios, and their demand grows.

The Blindex Roadmap

The protocol is pursuing developing a 100% decentralized and stable option to conventional monetary systems. To do this, Blindex has actually laid out different stages of its development.

The first phase is to establish numerous fiat currency-pegged stablecoins, which it has actually handled to do. The protocol plans to continue including more stablecoins to its platform. Next, it has actually provided users with liquidity and numerous other energy maximization functions, consisting of swapping the BDX token and earning fees.

Blindex simply recently introduced on the RSK blockchain network, a move that is among the very first tactical actions to actualizing its goal. The protocol means to include additional tools that will permit users to make interest and obtain against their assets throughout multiple blockchain networks.

Eventually, Blindex prepares to surpass simply tokenizing currencies. It means to tokenize everything.